Hope For Today

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Hope For Today

Hello how is everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. A friend from Al-Anon-Alateen sent this to me in the mail and I want to share it with you. It is a or is called the "Newest Daily Reader." Here is an excerpt: "The healing is in the hearing' is a simple yet weighty truth in Al-Anon. I hear myself in others' experiences and find myself in our shared emotions. In learning to feel compassion and acceptance for my fellow members, I learn to feel the same for myself. I receive strength from their strength and hope from their hope, believing that if they can heal, so can I."

Just for Today--------------------------I am Sober
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Thanks Pernell.

I needed to hear that today. How did you know?

Love and Happy New Year Hugs!
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thank you for those thoughts today, happy holidays!

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Thank you again, for just the right thoughts. When I arrived here I found enough hope and healing to help me get back on my feet and continue the journey. And I find there is never a shortage.

Happy New Year Pernell.
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This is so perfect for me. I was just thinking how thankful I am to everyone here. I can't even express it with words. When I first came here I couldn't even talk. I felt I had nothing to offer. I have such a hard time with words that everytime I opened my mouth to say something it came out wrong.

During the last several months the wonderful people on these boards have taught me to love myself some and accept myself some. I know I have a long way to go, but I am in tears all the time when someone thanks me for helping. Me and my disaster of a life. Can you imagine having something to offer when I have come from rock bottom.

It turns out here that it is that disaster that I can offer. All wrapped up in compassion because of the understanding gained.

The love and hope that has been offered to me here is beyond anything I've ever experienced. The struggle that I see others go through is a thing of beauty when looked at from a spiritual perspective. I see my past struggle as a thing of beauty now as I give it away to others. I am sobbing in gratitude as I write this.

I thank you all so much. You have all changed my life.

God bless all of you.

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as always, thanks for sharing with us. so happy the season has been enjoyable for u!
hugs from sugar
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Pernell, Thanks so much for sharing with us.
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It is what it is!!!
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My friend Pernell -

I also want to say thank you.

This is something that I have to remind myself of everyday. When I catch myself saying something negative to myself, I stop and think, would I say that to my best friend...No...of course why am I saying that to myself!!??!!

I learned that here and in meetings, I learned that from fellow friends in recovery, like you.

God Bless you and your family during this season and always.

I am so grateful for all of you here at SR.
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Thank-you Pernell, that is so true. Thanks for taking the time to share it.


I wish that was a real hug. I'm in tears. You are one of the most wonderful people I never met. I forget about everything that you've been through because you portray your experiences as wisdom, compassion, strength, love and honor. I respect you so much and to read that you thought you had nothing to offer when you came here, put a lump in my throat, as your humility makes you that much more loveable.

I feel sad when I read about some of your past experiences. A lesser person may not have made it, but you not only made it, you've excelled in life and it shows through in every one of your posts. When I read that you cry every time someone thanks you for helping them, I was so touched as you are one of the great inspirations here. I'm sure there are many people who feel as I do, that they wish they could give to you half of what you give to people here every day.

Thanks for inspiring this thread Pernell.
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