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Morning Glory
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Flying Duck Poo

I was standing in line waiting to purchase My Star Trek movie tickets and I get a page from my son. They are having a baby and getting married. Oh my God.

She has an untreated mental illness and we all know about him. He was asking for money so they could get a place. She is living in one room with her mother. He is living with a friend.

That poor baby doesn't have a chance. She is suicidal half the time and my son is already asking for help as if the baby is going to mean that I will do it all for them.

I couldn't talk much to him in line at the movies, but they will know they need to both start working to take care of this child. I'm not giving him money. There are two of them that can work and I'm working 7 days a week.

I'm just sick with worry for this baby. I'll start buying things the baby will need, but I'm not going to give him money. Not at all. The last time he had a baby it was the worst experience I've ever been through.

Ok, I'm done. Thanks for listening.

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Big Hug!

I love you, Morning Glory.
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Meditate over this friend,
Perhaps this will be the time he gets his life togeather, remain strong and hold firm your boundaries. even though I am cyber I am here to hold your hand.
God's will be done.
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Morning Glory
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Thanks guys,

I'm off to work. I had to get his first child away from him and I don't want to ever go through that again.

I will trust God and know that he is the creator of life and this is meant to be.

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I am so sorry you got that news from your son. But I can tell your good Al Anon background is serving you well, for you responded immediately with your comments that you would not give him money. Might buy stuff for the baby, but no money for him. Very sound thinking, MG. You are an inspiration.

I'll keep all of you in my prayers. Hugs!
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I have no trouble imagining what a shock this is to you. I have all the trouble in the world trying to think of one single thing to say that could be of help. I can't.

I can give you this......I will walk over to the beautiful holy church that is two blocks from here, while you are working, I will pray for you and light a candle that will respresent and hold those prayers as it burns on while we go on about our day. I believe it will represent the prayers of many as there are so many here who love you.

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Oh MG, I am so sorry you have to go through this. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to have to take away your sons child. What a nightmare for a grandmother to have to go through.

I do believe that every child who comes into the world has a purpose and a destiny, for sure I know that every child has their own higher power.

Hopefully everything will turn out OK and if not, you are a very strong woman and you will be fine. We all care about you and we will always be here for you for whatever you need.
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MG---wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug----you deserve it!!! We all love and support you---don't forget that!! I'm praying for the baby. God bless!!
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Nature Girl
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My heart goes out to you. I think you handled it amazingly well, and that you will survive this too. Babies!!! What are they thinking? My son too, just doesn't think at times like that.

Sending you prayers and hugs. And I too will knit a bootie or two for this poor sweet innocent. Maybe little knitted bunny booties.
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I used to work here ;)
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What can I say. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

You've come a long way MG, you are a true inspiration to me. I love you my friend.

Many hugs.
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Be proud you didn't let him draw you in. No matter what their emotional situations, these two are adults who know how you get babies. This is a consequence of their own actions and they need to suck it up and take of this themselves.

I think I know why you like Star Trek so much. Only science fiction compares to the weirdness of our lives.

Hugs and Love!
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Holy Duck Poo!!! Just when we think nothing they do will surprise us anymore ...

I know you're sick over this, but it is truly out of your hands and in God's. Be good to yourself and give yourself time to absorb this latest news. You are a wonderful mother and have set a fine example for your son ... the rest is up to him.

I will keep you and your family in my heart and prayers.


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Grace Under Fire
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Well, you sure know how I feel about
I remember awhile back you posted you
felt a crisis coming on, but weren't sure
what it was. Talk about intuition.
Miracles do happen, I will pray for that.
And God doesn't give us any more than
we can handle. He definitely thinks
we are a strong bunch!
I know you will do the right thing when
and if the need arises. Try not to worry
right now, time will tell.
I'm praying for you and your family.

Love and hugs,
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Morning Glory
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Thanks you guys.

If you can imagine my daughter and I standing in the movie line and the horror on her face when she heard me say congratulations to my son. And then you should have seen the looks on the others faces who were standing in line with us when we just blurted out our feelings about the whole thing after I hung up the phone. When we realized we were being a little to open in public we just started laughing. And then I went into my normal glazed over zoned out survival mode. And then I heard that framiliar "Earth to mother" statement from my daughter as she waves her hand back and forth in front of my face.

This is the most shocking part of the day. The movie was at a mall. It has a parking lot just like any large mall. I parked in the parking lot right across from the mall and I got out of the car and saw the mail man drive up and put mail in a mail box. Now this was a single mail box just like you would find in front of a house. It wasn't locked. I just looked at my daughter in shock and said there is a mail box there??? In the middle of the mall parking lot??? Don't people just steal the mail???

Thank you for your prayers. I will be looking for some bunny baby booties and a little rubber ducky. A little tiny helmet and a little tiny skillet. And a safety net. And some pampers with duct tape.

Hugs to all,
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Wow MG, it sounds like you and your daughter were in a science
fiction movie yesterday. I am so very sorry about the shocking news. Just what is he thinking?? But it definately has to be happening for a reason. You have got all of our support and lots and lots of prayers!!

Hang in there, we love you!
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Many hugs & prayers sent your way for you and your son & family. You have been so supportive of me, & now I feel I lack the right words to say! But I can just imagine what you are feeling. I can't imagine what he & she were thinking! But I guess this just goes with the territory. Everything happens for a reason, and whatever Gods reason for bringing this new life into the world, is only known to him. Trust that God knows what he is doing, and take care of yourself. As bad as the situation could possibly be, God is sending you a beautiful grandchild to love. Maybe this will be a turning point for your son. How does that saying go? "God writes straight with crooked lines."

I will start cutting up baby size duck tape pieces! Lots of it!

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Nature Girl
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I cracked up thinking of you at the mall, in line with the phone. I know that for some reason, we get funny looks from people when we talk on the phone to our sons. Could it be that our conversations are science fiction all by them selves?

Think about hearing this...(pretend you are a "normal" person listening)

"Yes Hello, son, how are you today?"

"Oh, you found a new place to live. How wonderful. Is it a NICE bridge?"

"Money? No, son, I have no more money. Ever since you pawned the TV I have had to go to a lot of movies."

Wel, you get the picture.

Love you MG, and I know you will make the best of this.
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What can I say?? I just told Ann I feel like I have gotten off the roller coaster and gotten on the lazy river. Now I am just going along for the ride....NO WATERFALLS ALLOWED!!

Care to join me??

(((HUGE HUG!!)))

P.S. Throw will feel good!!
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I am going to say a very special prayer for you tonight!!!!! I admire your strength!!!!!
You described me in perfect words "normal glazed over zoned out survival mode"..... I really don't have any advice for you... but you know the rules.... Do something nice for yourself... I hope you got to enjoy your movie!!!! I am sending you over a big hug!!! Your friend Clowie
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I will keep you in my prayers today.

I could not help but giggle when I read you were going to look for bunny booties and the rest of the "armor".

You are an inspiration to me.

God Bless!
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