Guess what I did today?

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Guess what I did today?


It's been a long time but I sat on the couch, watched the Bengal's game, watched reruns of Prison Break, made lunch and supper AND THAT IS what NOTHING means to me

It was fun ... lol

What did you do for you today?
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I took a wonderful Orange-Peach scented bubble bath. The radio was playing, the water was hot, the bubbles smelled wonderful and it was soooooo relaxing.
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Went to the grocery store, bought all kinds of unhealthy football food, and whatched the Redskins beat the tar out of San Fransico... Ouch! (good thing I'm a Redskins fan) But the food was great! Fried Chicken wings, mini hot dogs wrapped in cresant dough, shrimp cocktail and had a few football beverages. Other than that, nadda. Typical football season sunday.

I am a "guy" ya know...
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i went to a pumpkin farm with my stepdaughter, her boyfriend a neice and her little two year old. we went on a hayride and picked our own pumpkins out in the field. had a blast watching the two year old play in the hay barn!
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I rehung the gate all by myself. The gate I would not let AxH hang for me 'cause he was falling down drunk when he came over to do it. The gate a coworker said he'd come over and help me with, but then didn't show yesterday 'cause it was too sunny and didn't show today 'cause it was raining. No more waiting for men who are unreliable. Then I went over to AxH's house to get some stuff and found him drunk/sound asleep at the wheel of his car sitting in the driveway. When he drove off to the neighborhood store 'for a cigarette lighter' I thought seriously about calling the State Patrol (he had an open can of malt liquor in the cup holder, and a state-mandated ignition lock he's obviously learned to bypass) but decided with only 2 miles between here and the store they'd never catch him. So I called his dad, who lives in the same neighborhood, and he went tearing off to the store and brought him home again and read him the riot act. We found a freshly purchased can of malt liquor stuffed under the driver's seat. I told him, next time I call the State Patrol. What a fun day, huh? but at least the gate's working. And I got my stuff I went for. Garden hoses, mail and fish oil capsules he bought for my dogs. I would have liked a day of nothing but having just moved into my own place and started working full time I've got too much to do on weekends. Yesterday, at least, I took the dogs for a picnic in the mountains.
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I'm gonna have to do yesterday 'cos todays a Monday and I HATE mondays!!

I bought a berghaus (very expensive) waterproof jacket from the car boot sale for £1!! AND a little bottle of wild rice, coconut and saffron bodywash for 50p. I treated myself to a long luxuorious shower!

We also put the heating on for the whole day rather than the hour night and morning we usually have!
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ohhh gianna - the glitter thing sounds so cool - i think i'll do that too! thanks for the idea!
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I'm with Equus...I hate Mondays too...
Yesterday I spend 3 hours on the phone with a "new" internet date I went out with Saturday night.....(details
Then the rest of the day on the sofa watching "Lifetime" and Desperate Housewives, checking in on those awesome White Sox (go sox) and then early to be.....does it get any better than that.....
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