Didnt realize this

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It's a double edged sword - if google couldn't index the site, then most of us would never have found it. I would suggest that anyone uses a name that is unique to this site, then it is much harder to be identified. Chy is the Mod to get in touch with if you want to change your name, I believe.

The only invasion I have had of my privacy on here is that of my own making - in my codie wisdom, I shared this place with my then fiance. I have to live with the thought that he is monitoring my posts, although as time goes by, I care less and less. Anyway, I'm OK for a few days, seeing as his current fiance threw his PC in the bath.

p.s. there is a minnie on the British Spanking Community website and I can assure you it's not me!
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i'm off to google bahookie......

Might meet you in the spanking site lol

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Today, I dont care Just felt a little weird about it yesterday during discovery. Thank you everyone
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Emily, I feel a little weird everyday, cuz I'm special LOL! There's a not my site and my stupid browser won't open it! Aw well, if googling my name helps someone let them. And if ya think about it, who's gonna google my name besides me?

Hugs all!
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