Silly little beer can rant!

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Silly little beer can rant!

You know what is driving me nuts today? Beer cans! Since the baby is on the way and we had to do some reno's to the house I lost the place where the beer cans used to be stored. Because of that, there's beer cans everywhere! They're falling out of cupboards, lined up on shelves, sitting in boxes in the kitchen and in the bedroom even. Everywhere I look beer cans! I even used one of my garbage cans outside just to put beer cans in. No place for the garbage now. They are driving me nuts, it's like a nightmare where beer cans are following me everywhere. I hate to have anyone over because it looks like closing time in the bar.

Now normally I'd take them down to the bottle depot but unfortunately it's wasp season and they swarm the place. I'm scared to death of the darned things so there's no way on earth I'm getting out there to bring abf's stupid cans down. Problem is that the place is only open here when abf is working. Where are the fund-raising kids for the bottle drives when you need them?

Help!!! They won't leave me alone. :cursebunn

Sorry for that, I just had to get it out! lol
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I know it is not funny, but I am smiling, thank you for that. Can you go to Home Depot and buy a huge garbage can, and place them in there with a lid on them??


Put them in a garbage bag and place them in your AB car. lol

That drives me crazy too and they are not around my house to long, my H takes them back to the store to help purchase his next 40 ouncer. See we have 10 cent deposit here, and every grocery store and gas station takes them back. Thank God for that!!

How close our you to have that beautiful baby?? Lots of baby kisses and hugs, I miss having a little one. My baby is almost 8 now.
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I had to laugh when I read Emilys sentence "..put them in his car!!!" I was actually thinking you should empty them in his bed... but then thought well you have to get it too!! The car would be really funny! Sorry - I just have this image of a car jammed full of cans!!!
Hope you are doing OK and looking after yourself.
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Remember the movie Twister? There was an outdoor mobile made of cans...Pepsi, I think. Maybe you could come up with a unique decorative way to use them...

I always laugh when I see the quilt pattern The Drunkard's Path...I have visions of a wife in a prairie town, watching her A wandering back from a local saloon, staggering and swaying and she created that pattern to commemorate his lack of straightness...perhaps you could hang all of them in a tree...Call it The Husband Memorial or something!

Bad, Irene, BAD!
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lol I like that with the tree! I feel like I have some twisted Easter Bunny who instead of leaving me a pile of yummy treats, has left me nothing but beer cans. I should learn how to use dad's welder and make up some lawn ornaments. Or how about some beer can jewelery for the ladies?

What I'm picturing.... *warning mean to abf* that while he's taking them to the depot he gets stung right in the arse by one of them wasps. He's allergic you see. It won't kill him but he'll have one big swollen red arse he won't be able to sit on for a week. Ha! Take that.

BTW I do pull all the little opener tabbies off the cans and save them. They can make wheelchairs out of them. At least someone can benefit from my nasty, stinky windfall.
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How about a new line of Urns for the ashes of As? They make caskets now that have prints and designs on them to match the lifestyle of the deceased, why not urns that do the same thing made of the authentic containers of the substances they so loved?

Think I need to get out the mental floss....
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I found out our local fire station collected aluminum cans and recycled them for money to donate to the local Childrens' Hospital that also house the area burn unit. When I founf that out, I thought, GREAT! at least someone can get some good out of all this drinkink...and we wouldn't have all these cans in the garbage,etc......that worked great (I put them in a lg plactic garbage bag daily and kept it at the bottom of the basement stairs until the day he noticed them..................he FORBID me to save them again (messy.too smelly.blah,blah..some such thing; he feaked when he saw how many, no doubt!) so it didn't last too long. They may be something your fire station does? or could?

Well; he is not living with us right no, so I do not know what he does with them all...I think he drinks a lot more wine, so that probably cuts down on the can situation.
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Oh, hon, this really isn't on!

If I were in your position, I would give him till say Saturday at 5pm and if he hasn't moved them, then they go in his car (don't tell him that bit!!). Can you get someone else to put them there so you don't have to deal with the wasps?

When's the due date? Getting excited?
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Shoudn't really say this ( please don't hit me!) but I got to a point where I missed the beer cans!
When P started drinking this time he was on 12-14 cans a day but he got so used to that level of alcohol that it didn't affect him, so he progressed to vodka; 7 litres a week.
Less clutter in my trash can but a whole lot more trouble
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