OT-An touching story I heard tonight

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OT-An touching story I heard tonight

I live in CA, but work (by computer) in Texas. We're a small company and share news-not just work related but personal news via email and IMs. If someone is getting married, divorced, if there's a new baby or a someone's child is on a winning little league team, believe me, we hear about it all.

The office is in the far south-eastern corner of Texas-within minutes of LA. Tonight I received a series of emails from coworkers. Once again I am awed and humbled by the generosity of strangers to other strangers.

The local churches are opening their doors and hearts to those transplanted from the hurricane ravaged areas. 60 people are now calling one church "home", another church is asking for "foster families" to share their guest rooms with those who have no where else to go. I've been cc'd in on emails discussing who will make the jello for dinner for sixty and the discussion on who will pick up the boxes of cereal, cartons of milk and juice so there will be breakfast in the morning.

Just when I find myself thinking the world has become a colder, sterile place, reminders like this reach up and smack me between the eyes. All over the south doors are opening to strangers. Food is being prepared and shared. Clothing and blanket drives are being organized to insure people aren't left cold.

Irene, who is amazed, awed and humbled by my fellow human beings and their wonderful generosity.
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Southern Hospitality at its best.

I tend too expect that from southerners. They are a different breed.

On 9-11, seeing such things in the big (what many call) coldhearted city of NY, gave me the same feeling. People really do care and are not as selfish as we may think at times.

I will sign myself as... a Yankee with eyes opened.
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Irene, that is a fantastic story to balance out the ones about looting.

Thanks for sharing.
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The looting isn't all as it seems. K-mart opened their doors and told people to take what ever they need. Others are gathering things just to live. Food and blankets. Much of the stuff being taken will be ruined if not used.
Yes some looting, but not as much as people may think.
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