So hard to see happy, recovered people

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Hi Eggpal,

First off, I'm am so sorry for your loss! It's devastating, I know. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to grieve and get through this .........and you will! My prayers are with you.

Secondly, in response to your title "So hard to see happy, recovered people".....I actually know quite a few that are now sober and have been for years. I'm one of them, thank God.

I'm a RA of 11 years and I cannot TELL you how much my life has turned around. Besides, the recent bad choice I made with my xabf due to my own greif of losing both parents, a marraige, colon surgery and my two kids leaving "the nest", there is not a day that goes by that I don't smile or have fun and just be me....silly and goofy.

I realized that life is way too short (I'm sure you feel the same way after losing your AH) and I no longer wake up with monsterous hangovers and make impulsive, wrong decisions. I no longer push the people I love out of my life and I'm not longer angry. I've been forgiven and I have forgiven and that's a HUGE gift.

I would not go back to living like I did for anything. I love life now, even though I still go through's SO much better dealing with them sober.

Hang in there and keep posting

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Just one more thing I wanted to mention Eggpal,

Sometimes things are not what they seem and alot of "Recovering" and "happy" people are neither recovering or happy.

Keep that in mind hun. For every person who you see happy there may be someone hurting horriboy inside. I dont say that to be negative, just want you to feel like you are not the only one in despair!
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for a long time, I watched (what I thought) was happy, recovered, recovering or any people Together, Happy... Couples... And then thought, why isn't this for me or why couldn't it be for me... Now with as much as I went thru, I can still think like that... but have also come to the place, of Indeed Acceptance... Because this is the way my life is and I haven't had those experiences And It's Ok Now, just being here in my life, with my sister/brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins or friends. It's really going to be alright.
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