oh fooey....unemployed again.....

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oh fooey....unemployed again.....

Well my husband got fired yesterday. He was told it was because he called in sick one day and they had to bring someone from another store to cover. I don't know too much about what happened, and I don't want to know. He told me last night that he went to the other store and "called out" the other owner. You know like he wanted to fight him. And he told him he was blah blab blab, you know name calling etc. Enough to make me sick to my stomach. But he doesn't know how to handle it any other way.

I am pretty calm about the whole thing. Because I didn't like this job anyway. Too far away, too dangerous, and the under the table wages. Yuch. I have no idea whether he will try to find something else or go into a funk. I am determined not to let this upset me or throw me off track. I am not going to spend a lot of time thinking about why I am still with him or trying to decide whether to ask him to leave or not. I am just not going there this time. When and if I am ready to separate from him, I won't need an incident to prompt me to do so.

So I will keep going to my meetings and try to get stronger and eventually I will know what I want to do. Thanks as always for listening.
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Hey Rose

Sounds like you already know what to do - just wait for the answer to come. That takes us all a long time to learn. We are so used to our instant reactions that it is a lesson to wait and think things through when our minds are clear.

You are such an inspriration here, Rose, and don't look now but your recovery is showing.
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Just sending you some hugs. It sounds like you have it under control.

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In your words...

But he doesn't know how to handle it any other way.
These are the words of someone who has come very far. Don't look now but your compassion is showing too!

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