new steps are scary...

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new steps are scary...

I've been thinking all day about the fact that I know one of the two job interviews i've been on will be offered to me. Just a feeling I have.

I look around and I think about this place being my second home. Through the coarse of the ten years I've been here it has lots of times been the only constant in my life, whereas things outside of work were not. I would feel safe here, and not want to go home to face my A.

Taking a new job hit me today as being a little scary, again I have to learn to let go. That is hard.

Welcome all the new people, every time I log on there is someone new, I think that is just great! Keep posting!

Hope everyone has a good weekend...I hope my x-A doesnt show up!!! :asmd:

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Hey Bonbon - you bet it's scary Ten years is a long time to spend at your workplace. I mean, think about it - you spend 1/3 of your life at work if you work full-time! However, what you're feeling is perfectly normal. You have a comfort level where you are at now, and that will take a bit of time to achieve at a new job, but you'll get there. Change is stressful, so be extra nice to yourself. Hope everything works out well in your new job. Have a great weekend!

Love and hugs.

PS: I hope he doesn't show up either :p
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Your telling me... I hope my A does not show up here... He has been MIA for two days now... I hope he went to his parents... Hugs to you Bonbon... You came so far... good for you... You will do awesome at your new job! Good luck your friend in recovery... Clowie
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One of the things I have learned is that what is comfortable and familiar is NOT necessarily good or healthy for me! That's what kept me with my Ex for an extra 2 or 3 years.... I kept going back because it was what I was familiar with, yet it was not a good place for me to be.

I think its very exciting that you will get a new job. Try to look at it as an adventure. You can be whomever you want to be on the new job. You can go in with a new attitude and new habits, and the people there won't know that you haven't always been that way!

Congrats on the new beginning!

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I sold my accounting practice, that I had for 13 years. Not only was it familiar and comfortable, but it was mine.

But I knew I was getting stale and unmotivated and I wanted interaction with people (besides clients just coming and going) on a daily basis. I also wanted to be ready to move out west when the time was right (that too is on hold right now).

My point is, I feel great. I love my new job and if I tire of it or become unhappy, I'll just go find another one.

Scary? You bet. But it was the right thing to do for ME, and I am happy.

They are very lucky to be getting someone like you. And the change will be refreshing. Look forward, not back. Good luck!!!
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Hi bon bon

, I think ur do really well , uve got guts , u understand people,and ur a good person, go knock em dead. sending u loads of positive thoughts, loads of luck,which u dont need , coz u Can do this,

loads of luv spin:council we're all rooting for u here:
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i think your hp is working on your path with the job opp. scary to change jobs but so necessary to move forward . wishing you the best of luck and know that i'm rooting for you.
i'd like to tell you that i'm currently unemployed for a year now, i've worked since i was 12 years old,i'm 49 now. big crushing blow to my ego to get fired for the first time in my life, especially from a job that i had worked at as a manger and key employee for 13 years! i had a lot invested in that part of my life, i had combined my family, social life and circle of neighbors into that life. i actually used to take care of my bosses kids for him because he was a single dad and i felt for the kids stuck at work with him. guess what, i was head bartender and head manager, meanwhile i was raising my 6 kids in a very small town with my a lcholic and addicted husband. i was devastated to lose my quite nice income and my feeling of self-worth. my boss was a cocaine addict and when his addiction progressed further into paranoia and he noticed that i was'nt much fun with the party crowd he needed to get rid of my silent disapproval forever. so 1 day after i had responsibly taken care of all my jobs and probably some work that was someone else's he called me in the office and sat me down and said i guess we have lost our friendship and i need to let you go and get some new more fun girls in here!! i said have i done something wrong ? is my work not done complete and then some? he said no, that's not it at all, you just don't fit in!! took me a long time to know it was my hp working for me. i didn't need to be working in a cocaine- filled environment serving alchohol, it was really depressing. this year at home has been real full of change, including teaching me a whole lot about humility and compassion that i always thougt i had. new job for you?? how very exciting and challenging, don't be afraid
hugs from sugar
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Thanks everyone so much. I've gotten some much needed rest today. Boy did I need it. I am feeling really good actually. Haven't heard from my x-A yet this weekend, so I am happy about that. I appreciate you all sooo much!
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