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Employment is heaven.

My husband is working and has to account for his time to someone other than me. And that person pays him, which allows him to take care of his family.

I will forever see the past 6 months as the dark side. If we go there again, I am lightening speeding out of it.

He is exhausted and encouraged and exhausted. Judge Judy will surely miss his ass on the couch, but she will recover.

He is tired and sore and wanting to whine, but not doing it.

I am proud of has been a long time since I have even thought that.

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Wonderful, I know you will tell him he is wonderful. I so believe they need there EGO boosted all the time. Not too much as then they get suspecious(sp?).
Best to you both always clancy46
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I'm glad that you're feeling some pride in hubby and I hope that you've got some for you too. You're handling this so well.

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jennyk - what a sense of relief you must feel! i hope this is the catalyst that will encourage him to keep up with his recovery and that this will give you a chance to concentrate on YOU!

hugs - chris
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