An Update for Today

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An Update for Today

Thanks to everyone for their support and prayers yesterday as my AH was moving out, and I was really feeling sad and lonely. Today, I met with my attorney. I found out in Louisiana you no longer can file a legal separation, it has to be divorce with a mandatory 6-month waiting period. My AH called this morning before my appointment and we did talk some more. He still says he loves me, wants to be there to support both me and my daughter, wants to keep this friendly, that there is absolutely no one else in the picture which is why he is moving to a trailer and not an apartment where singles hangout and party. He says he wants to be a good role model for my daughter. He said the problem is the way I discipline her and let her manipulate me. This does seem to always be the reason why the two of us begin arguing, but he doesn't realize that he is only trying to control her life. He does not know how to let her be a normal teenager, without all of the guilt he places on her, etc. She really is an awesome child and if he keeps pushing, she will become rebellious. My attorney said it really sounds like we really just need counseling - but I cannot make him go. He is out of town for most of this week, and when he gets back, I am sure we will talk and I will just tell him that for now, I guess this is what we need to do unless he wants to consider counseling. Yesterday, when he came by, he only took basically what he needed for his trip and the few things I put in a box for him (dishes, towels, pots) and said he would get the rest of his things next week. I do not want the divorce, but I guess there is no where else for me to turn and maybe after he is alone for a few months, he will realize all he is missing by leaving my daughter and I out of his life. Thanks again to everyone for their help, prayers and support
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Sassy - this is where I was one year ago. After a year of hardship I think my AH is finally taking life seriously. I had a lot I needed to let go of, so our seperation was helpful to both of us. I'm still not sure exactly where he is, but for's onward and upward. I hope he will come with me. Only time will tell.
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sassy - the time away from each other may indeed make you both realize some things. i wish you all the best in this time of change - stay with your recovery!

hugs - chris
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