Al-Anon event

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Al-Anon event

I just spent a wonderful day at an AA/Al-Anon conference. There, I got to meet the woman that inspired me to work the steps and study the program. She told her story, and it was beautiful. Her name is Mary Pearl, and her story and step study are available in the "codie store" at the top of the forum. There were some great AA speakers too. Their stories of hope and spirtuality were touching and inspiring.

The more I am involved with Al-Anon, the more it seems that there is no end to the fullness it brings to my life. It's not just a part of my life. It flows through all of it. I just wanted to share my thankfulness and gratitude for the program, and the healing and serenity it has brought to my life. Hugs, Magic
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Certain things just feed our souls.

So glad you had a great day!
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Thank you for sharing Magic. Just nothing like a conference to bring joy.
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I would be afraid to go to such a conference because I would probably run into my Ex

I happy for you though, whatever brings us peace after all this is worth it.
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OH my gosh! I think I've heard Mary Pearl speak on a tape or CD... she is really quite inspiring.

I am so glad that you were able to go and "fill up your tank" Magic. We all need that kind of fulfillment from time to time.

I can't go to one anytime soon, so I'll just bask in your glow for a bit, ok?

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Magic...I have Mary Pearl's tape in my car right now! I parked in my garage just when she met JD...these are older tapes from like '95 that I just dug out of my closet to listen to again. Isn't that funny! She is a stitch...
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magic - i know how much this is a part of you and i am so glad you shared your joy with us. now there is another thing i must put on my shopping list - mary pearl's tapes! thank you!

hugs - chris
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