sometimes you have to amuse yourself

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sometimes you have to amuse yourself

I usually get really mad at AH when he comes home really sh*tfaced. But, last weekend when he couldn't even take his shoes off we had some fun at his expense. My 16 year old daughter told him the next time he got drunk she was going to polish his nails. And she did. You should of seen him looking for the nail polish remover in the morning. It was hysterical. Well today he decided to get really drunk again after golf and passed out on the couch. My daughter polished his toes, nails and put make up on him. I know this is mean but I'm tired of drunkeness. Anyone out there do anything like this to get back at the drunk? Can't wait for him to wake up. We hid the nail polish remover this time.
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Wow, thats funny! LOL

You should write funny messages on his face for him to read when he looks in the mirror. Just hope he doesnt get all mad or anything! Else these are funny things to do! hahaa
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That's what my daughter wanted to do with permanent marker. Write something like "drunk" on his forehead. No he doesn't get mad because he knows he f*cked up. He is usually very mellow after a binge night.
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Oh nice.... then write "I Love Coping" on his forehead LOL
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Turning your hurt into humor is the beginning of healing. When I was able to laugh about his antics (dry drunk) then it was easier for me to begin to make sane decisions for me.

So you're on the right path.................and keep on painting!
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And take Pictures!
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So, I am starting to heal? Yeah!!! And, my daughter did take pictures, and will show him when he wakes. One good thing, she stayed home tonight because she said she didn't feel like partying (drinking) after seeing her dad that way.
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Actually tonite H had the set the timer on the oven... when it's done it goes off every 30 seconds so you don't forget & burn the food... well... it goes off, he gets up takes the food out & 'cancels' the timer... sits down.. the timer goes off again... he gets up goes to the microwave, hits some buttons, opens & closes the door.. sits down... goes off again.. gets up goes to the toaster oven hits some buttons.. sits down... goes off again... gets up unplugs the microwave... sits down... goes off again- you should have seen his face!!! It took me & my oldest son every bit of energy we had not to laugh hysterically at how absolutely s***faced he really was...
He's currently passed out on the bedroom floor...
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What an ingenious idea. Wish I had that thought years ago. The pictures on the bathroom mirror in the morning when he was relatively sober might have been a push toward sobriety sooner.

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I have found that it might be comic relief, but any thoughts that you might "awaken" them are just lost.

NOTHING....nothing we do makes a difference...aside from providing some really good laughs!
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Coping,I have thought about doing what your daughter did. I have only been brave enough to mess AHs hair up..make it stand on end.
Have a friend whose husband went out and got drunk every weekend at local pub. She had a tatoo friend..tatoo her name on her AHs arm when he was stone drunk about a year ago. AH woke up and complained of pain..when he saw tatoo he could not figure out how and where he got it. But told his wife he was thinking of her and decided to show the world he really loved having her name put on his arm!! Ya..right!! She has never told him to this day what actually happened. She just tells me...'Its her little secret'.
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You all have made my day! Any more stories? My AH gets mean, so I'm careful not to make him madder.
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Hee hee, I should try something next time. I need to get a camera. I've never done anything on purpose to Abf but one night I got him pretty good. We were in bed and I was trying to sleep. He was passed out and snoring like a semi! Finally I decided to give him a really good shove in the hopes that he'd wake up a bit and stop snoring. I gathered up all the strength I had and pushed. He must have been on the verge of rolling over at the exact moment and I ended up pushing him into the wall, head connecting with an extremely loud !thud!. It was kind of mean but I couldn't help laughing. It honestly was an accident.

The other night he was going out to a hockey game and I could tell before hand he was in the mood for a bender. He of course denied it so we made a little wager. If I won, he had to wash dishes every day for a week. Guess what? I don't have to do dishes till next Saturday. Whoopie! I joked the next day that if we made this bet everytime I'd never have to do housework....hmm...
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the girl can't help it
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I hate to hear that you are having to be careful!!! I don't like it... There is a thread started by Hopeflaots called "When your A is mad at you" please look it up.

A little experiment I am doing with my H is getting to laugh at his own lies I mean who does he think he is fooling?
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Thanks Copeing for the laugh, and Thank You , to all that posted. You brightened a gloomy day weather wise. A laugh is a good stand in for sun shine. clancy46
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Originally Posted by newbeginings
You all have made my day! Any more stories? My AH gets mean, so I'm careful not to make him madder.
Yeaah my ah gets mean to and I also have to be careful but it dose sound like fun tho.
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Coping: You have made my day! I have not been married to my alcoholic for years now, but I sure wish I'd have thought of that at the time. OMG I would love to see those pics! I think you should iron them on a T-Shirt!

Thanks for the humor.
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If your husband had cancer, would you hide his anti-nausea medication becuase you were tired of his puking all over the house from his chemo?

Sorry....I dont see how humiliating a man with a fatal disease is funny.

I doubt that when he was a little boy he said "Im gonna grow up and become a sick drunk so I can hurt all the people I love on purpose just to **** them off". He is sick and suffereing, whether you "believe" it or not.
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