Another newbie feeling alone

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Another newbie feeling alone

I stayed with my AB out of pure ignorance regarding his disease...and looking back desperation.

There were warning signs that I chose to ignore (Wetting the bed) verbally abusive when drunk..but he was so sorry the next day..apologetic...crying...beggin me to stay. I was flattered that he would get down on his knees for me. I thought he wouldn't do that unless he had feelings for me. At that time in my life i wanted to love and be loved.

But now all the promises made to me have been broken. I will soon find myself alone with 2 kids. I feel angry that I am a single mum. I feel angry that I am going to have to move out of my home and start again.

I'm just sad..cos we coulda been so good. we have 2 beautiful little girls a nice house, our own cars, nice income...and it's all been taken away for me to scrimp and do w/o beacuse of drink.

I am so glad to have found you all, cos I feel like i'm not alone. I'm not the only know. I'll probably won't be able to post much longer cos guess what..!! this computer is his...and now I won't be able to afford one. But while i'm still here I can feel like it not me. I'm not the "mad one".

I didn't really have a purpose with this i just wanted to just get it of my system..thanks for listening..xx
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Welcome you are not alone by any means!!

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You should be able to get child support, you knew that right???
Some others will be along with thoughts etc. You can go to library and use computers. I am so sorry this happened, take good care of you and the childern.
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(((((HUGS))))) I am soo sorry for your pain. I do not have any words for you but I am sending you some love.

Peace -
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Sending hugs and prayers to you.

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Hi sodapop.

Welcome to SR! I'm also from England - it's great to see another Brit on here. Well, sort of great. I wish you weren't suffering like you are and needing to seek out sites like this. But now you're here, settle in and have a read and get to know us. They're a great bunch and there's always someone here to listen.

Take care

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Hi Soda--Welcome--sorry about your situation--just want to let you know you
are NOT alone. In case you have not noticed there are a lot of us here and we all
have very similar problems. If you keep reading and writing you will find the words
of encouragement that you need. I find something new everyday. Keep coming
back. Smiles--Dee
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