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Checking in

Well just wanted to check in. Havenít posted in a while. Iíve been gone from my house since March 5th. Everyday there is always something new that happens. My AH hasnít went into work since I have been gone until today. He has took almost all his vacation days. Wanted the kids there with him during the days. My son will go some. my daughter still refuses to go and he has finally left her alone and stopped asking. Thank goodness. I was constantly blamed for her not wanting to go. It of course was my fault. But Iím used to that everything is always my fault.

last week I filed custody papers. He received them Monday. Of course he didnít like what I had proposed. I knew he wouldnít. So he went and filed his own and he filed separation papers. I havenít received them yet. Iím so impatient. I wish they would come. I would love to know what they say.

heís family has made things terribly worse. Yesterday she told me that I got some mail in my mailbox. And that she opened it. I asked her why she opened my mail and she said because it came in his box. Like that makes it ok. And she told me that he wasnít drinking anymore because he didnít have to drink because his problem was gone. I said then you should say thank you. And quit being so ugly. Why are you mad because I left if he quit. And she said she was mad because she thinks I didnít try. Really!?? Anyways I am completely cutting contact with her. The only reason I had to have contact was because we were working out of the same office. We do taxes and this is busy season. But I am on my own now. Thank God!! And have gotten all my equipment and everything out of there. We were on fairly decent terms until he was served with papers and then it all went down hill from there.

But I feel better. My stress levels have went down. Other than the unknown of how things will play out with my kids. It worries be so bad. We canít go to court until end of April because courts are shut down because of the virus. And we have no custody in place so itís all up in the air. How do you deal with that?
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Hey Kc, I have never been in your situation so I'm only offering moral support. This just sounds so tough.

Keep taking the next right step whatever it is.
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KC, good on you for not taking your in-law's BS lying down. I can't believe she would open her son's mail, much less yours.

I think you're right to cut contact if she's the type to get involved with something that's none of her business. Families are often threatened when the partner quits because they know full well they'll have to deal with the A more.

Glad you're feeling much more peaceful. Going no contact will help with that.
"I was looking for the key for years....but the door was always open."
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