"Character Web"

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"Character Web"

I am a teacher. I was creating lesson plans last night for a new novel study that I am going to be teaching. One part of the lesson (same as I have done for years) is to create a "character" web" for each of the main characters in the novel. I was making the sample diagram and looking at it and started to cry. You guys...why don't we do these things for the people we are getting into relationships with? I am not talking only romantic but ALL relationships.
You know those activities you did in primary school where you write a noun in the middle then branches to describe the word? It is kind of like that only the name goes in the middle and then there are 4 boxes branching off. The things they are supposed to write about relate only to the character and not the student's personal feelings.

The boxes are 1) Description-this is the physical characteristics. 2) Feelings-what does the character express as feelings 3) Behavior- how does the character act 4) Personality Traits-self explanatory

I wrote alcoholic in the middle and made a Character Web and then I just cried. They say the real teachers never stop learning....I guess I am a real teacher now.
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oddsunflower, what a great idea.
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oddsunflower, once we've opened ourselves up to recovery, learning and growth, opportunities just seem to arise everywhere. Thanks for sharing that, and kudos to you for recognizing how this applies to your own life.
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