5 months down the drain

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5 months down the drain

Our daughter relapsed. I knew it was coming. I could just feel her withdrawing, she stopped working her program. So I guess we get the baby in our home again. I can't allow her to drink and care for our grandchild. You all will think this is so selfish but I don't WANT to care for a baby/toddler again. The last 60 day recovery I was exhausted. Working full time, daycare, and potty training at age Damn her. Damn alcohol. Sorry just needed to vent.
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so sorry for all you are going thru.
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Ah Leana, that so so sucks. I always think that dealing with an addict child is just another level of horrible . . . and then when there is a grandchild involved . . . .ugh. just ugh.

You are not selfish to want to be past this stage of life. You should be past it.
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So sorry to hear this. I am a similar age, I would not want to take on the care of a young child now either.
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Of course you don't want to be a full time parent again! You have been there, done that and this is supposed to be your time. It isn't selfish of YOU at all. You have every right to be upset about this situation. It's an all around mess. I hope you have some other people who can help you care for your precious grandbaby.

I am sorry your daughter stopped working her program. Gut-wrenching stuff and mind boggling. I truly am so very sorry. *hugs*
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The sober adult-child speaking here, it is so unfair what we do to our parents (and other family and loved ones) when in active addiction.

My family has only truly healed, and continue to, as each of us has gone through my mother's active alcoholism when I was 11, off and on, til mine of 3.5 yrs last wk.

Best and my prayers to you and your family- daughter included- and grateful to you for indeed caring for the baby.
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It's ok...

Please do come here and vent any time you need. As you can see, you are among people who understand.

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter and hope she'll return to sobriety soon!
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I'm so sorry, Leana, and I think I understand. Since my AXBF took asylum hundreds of miles away from me and our daughter, I've been raising her as an only parent (notice I didn't say single parent). I have to do everything by myself: work full-time, pay the bills, keep the house clean, feed her, discipline her, potty train her, etc. It is exhausting. And it's very unfair. And you're right, we're not supposed to say that as parents and guardians for fear of scorn.

Well, you'll receive no scorn from me, only compassion. Thank you for protecting that innocent child.
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