Big statement

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Big statement

after all this he says Im sorry I hurt you. Thats it. Hes sorry he hurt me. Im sorry I hurt him too. What a sad story that started out so beautiful.
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know what you mean so much.. 26 years later and a huge emergency open heart surgery.. life has to be better we just have to wait and see. prayers and hope and faith. is all I have..
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Prayers your way.
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I don't think anyone starts out wanting to hurt another. However, addiction produces casualties. And simply being sorry you hurt someone does not produce any sort of actions that actually change the behavior that caused the hurt.

This is across the board for everything. My oldest child brought me starbucks at work two days ago to say she was sorry for something. She did the exact same thing last night that she said she was sorry for. I have explained to her, it's her actions, not her words. I can do without a good coffee, but I cannot continue with her actions. So if she is truly sorry, her behavior will change. If not, it's up to me to decide what boundaries I will put in place for myself, as I cannot make a grown adult change her behaviors no matter how much I wish it away.

Actions, not words.
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