Question: What is YOUR relationship to alcohol?

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I never drank in high school. A little in college. Like five times on one hand. Once I met my future spouse I let him drag me down with him...
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Alcoholism and addiction run in my mother's side of the family like having curly hair or blue eyes. How I'm not an addict is a source of constant amazement to me.

I enjoy a class of wine out occasionally. I do buy a bottle of wine to have at the house, but takes me 3 months or so to finish it.
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Never liked much alcohol, drank only on occasion. And now after the experience with my x fiance, i believe its and actual poison, and better be avoided altogether! I have red one research btw how even one glass of alcohol lowers body energy and it takes 7 days to get back to neutral. So, from ONE GLASS ONLY! Imagine how it is then with alcoholics!? Poor souls! ;(

Thank God I never had any issues in my family with that either...🙏👋
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Originally Posted by PuzzledHeart View Post
I know this because I regularly purchase the cheap vodka, add a couple essential oil drops to it and spray it on my clothes to remove odors. Saves on the dry cleaning bills. If my son ever tried to drink the stuff, he would be in for a very lavender surprise.
How funny, I do something similar. I found that the highest proof grain alcohol I can find makes a very good ingredient to mix essential oils and fragrance oils for homemade perfumes and room sprays .

Drinking was big when I was in HS and college, but I quit all of that, including smoking, by mid 20s, and I’ve pretty much stayed away from all of that ever since. For me that includes impairing/ addictive prescription drugs and pot, etc, I really don’t care to have any of that in my life, so I don’t. It’s deeply saddening to see how things have spiraled out of control for certain people, and to witness loved ones not make it, though . Not sure that I’ll ever get used to that.
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I will have ONE drink on occasion and have only overdone it a handful of times in my whole life. I like a good white wine and sometimes cook with red for certain recipes. My qualifier would like nothing more that for me to have a drink EVERY time we go out, but I don't because I am always driving on the return... also, I do not enjoy the look of glee in her eyes when I do get a drink! I feel like alcohol is too present in my everyday life to make it a priority or a personal habit. Just my opinion...
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