Chewbacca and other out-of-the-box God concepts

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Chewbacca and other out-of-the-box God concepts

At an open AA speaker meeting recently I heard the "being okay with not knowing" what our concept or idea of God is. To embrace playfulness and imagination.

Perhaps the thought of God being Chewbacca and driving through traffic with him at your side.

Or maybe like this Meghan Trainor video. A big teddy bear I can love having with me anywhere and also can hold my human anger and easily move past it.
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From the "All the Ways" lyrics:

I need more details
More texts, calls, and emails
Be more specific
Yes, I'm here to listen
I know I'm needy
But tell me you need me
No don't be afraid, babe
C'mon, explain

Good opportunities to tell God/Great Spirit/Universe exactly what I'm asking for, for myself.

Writing a text message out. Or an email. Spending time considering the wording and what I'm saying.

Then be willing to see/hear/allow awareness of the response? How many times is the Universe knocking on my door and am I aware of this?

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I still can't explain my thoughts and concepts about what exactly my higher power is and that is definitely alright with me. They are changing and evolving, as is my journey.

Three of the most liberating words in the English language are "I don't know". For years I knew how the universe should run. That attitude and subsequent actions qualified me for my seat in AA. Realizing that "I don't know" squat and am clueless got me in the door. Accepting that I don't have all the answers keeps me here. More will be revealed to me the longer I stay.

I don't need to be able to define my higher power. I just need to try to expand my conscious contact with whatever it may be. As I do that, I learn more about it.
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When I thought of hanging it up over several traumatizing factors not playing victim here I'm a true survivor I went to a non denominational church singing, preaching, and the preaching always had a message for me. I met w a pastor I said I have no supports, no one to run to, I'm all alone, all I've done is helped the entire world and the closest one's to me I would have taken a bullet for left me for dead.

he said Joanna when there is no one to run 2 run 2 God.
I started reading psalms, attending more, watching my vicious tongue, praying. Do I get doubts we all do but there has to be something greater than us for us to be strong survivors and for me to be on here apologizing to anyone I hurt. That's my story it took losing it all to get my faith.
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