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Visit to Doctor

Hi, today was my follow up appointment to see how lm doing on the meds. She said l seem to have levelled out but puts a lot of it down to the effort l have put in to dealing with this emotionally. Im feeling ok, pretty much back to my old self...just feel sad for him now. But l remind myself the help is there for him too if he wants it.
Anyway, l have 3 months supply of meds and see the doc again in April. I have a meeting at Hettys (similar to al anon) on Thurs after work. Nothing much to report to them really...guess thats a good thing!
AHs coughing is getting worse especially at night...almost to the point of heaving. ...whiskey and coke every night (and prob day too) cant be doing the esophagus much good. Even the lansaprazolehe takes isnt neutralizing the acid anymore.
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Self-care is important. It sounds like you're doing well on this.

One day at a time. It's a journey. Layers of good habits make a world of difference.
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My husband is doing well now. He's had many things in the past -- life-flights, etc. During meditation one day it came to me that he really does know how to heal. Letting go, trusting in the good and taking things in small moments really can help us and our relationships. We might "know", but we don't really know how things are with someone else.

Allowing focus on ourselves, learning to direct our thoughts and taking new actions helps to strengthen our confidence, instincts and healthy inner voice.
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You do seem to be in a better place now Awal, and you've worked hard to get there. I like the way you pitch in to respond to other posters; nothing like talking from experience.
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Keep working Awal! You are doing great on your journey!
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