More Nice News .....

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More Nice News .....

Again, as much as I complain about AW in this forum, I feel "honor bound" to report when the opposite is true.

This Saturday, AW met DD and I at a local cultural institution to let DD visit with Santa.

We had a very nice several hour visit -- all of us.

We even grabbed lunch.

And occasionally, when DD did something "super cute" or funny (we are his parents after all) we'd smile at each other and laugh about it.

Afterwards, I drove AW back to her SoberLiving house - which is in a sketchy neighborhood.

Like I said: when she's on her meds and sober, she's a wonderful mom and a very nice person.

I have to say one of the reasons that this seems to be working for ME, at least, is that I'm not stressing out about her money, how much the DWI lawyer is costing -- whatever. Either her parents are paying for it or she's raiding her IRA (yeah, I know tax consequences); but so long as I'm not going to work and paying for her mistakes, I'm calm and serene.

I recognize that not everyone here has that "luxury."

And it's one of the things I'm feeling very grateful about.

MCE Saint
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That is good reason for gratitude! Glad you all had a nice day.
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I have to say one of the reasons that this seems to be working for ME, at least, is that I'm not stressing out

This is huge for me. Relaxation, enjoying the good and recognizing when I have it. This also helps me in having awareness of when I don't have this, and guiding me in finding balance/equilibrium.
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Our alcoholic spouses must have endearing qualities, or we wouldn't be married to them! (well, unless we're sadists!!!) I'm so happy to hear ya'll had a good time. Its really good for the kids to be with their mom in a positive environment, and to see mom and dad getting along. I'm praying it will just keep getting better, MCESaint!
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Separation is making you more relaxed. You don't have to go home to it every night. I hope it's good for her as well, giving her time to work things out for herself.

I'm sure the positive feedback she got from the time you spent together was good for her.
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Glad you are relaxed and got to spend some nice holiday time with DD.
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