The last bottle???

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The last bottle???

Or maybe I should say: "the latest bottle."

Recently, I posted about what's been going on the past few weeks (search "Rant"). Long story short - AW got arrested (again) for DWI, but this time our youngest was in the car. When I retrieved our car from the impound, opened the glove box and found a nearly finished 750 ml of vodka (the "blue bottle" kind) and a receipt showing she'd purchased it at noon on the day of her latest arrest.

I've tossed the remainder of the vodka, but not tossed the bottle.

My first thought has been to get a pen/marker that can write on glass (perhaps in gold): "World's Most Expensive Bottle of Vodka". And to keep it as a momento (here is YOUR prize for being the latest contestant on the Alcoholic's Wild Ride!!).

Yesterday, darling daughter asked me why I hadn't thrown the bottle out.

And I don't have a good answer -- yet.

I think I'm holding on to it as a visual reminder to "stay the course" on no contact with AW.

A visual reminder that she crossed soooooo many boundaries with her latest actions. That *I* can't pretend that she's not been doing these things that put my family at risk.

I'm not 100% sure why -- I just know I'm not ready to toss it into the trash yet.

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If it helps to keep you strong and remind you why you are doing this, I don't see that as necessarily a bad thing?

I would put it slightly out of sight though perhaps (maybe in a cupboard), no need for your DD to see it quite so often? I'm sure she doesn't need reminding, sadly.
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