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Originally Posted by DesertEyes View Post
As an FYI

- You lovely peeps don't get to see the inapropriate posts cuz us volunteers remove them.

- You also don't get to read the PM's, emails and such from kids and teens who are living in a horrid home. As in texting us from inside the closet while daddy beats up mommy just outside the closet door. Or that one time
Daddy waited to shoot Mommy dead right when the teen walked in the front door.

- SR is a highly sanitized, very nicey-nice web site that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of how bad it really is out there in the real world. It has to be that way in order to develop trust for children, teens and spouses who are being abused right this moment. If they don't feel comfortable with SR, they are not going to feel any better about calling real life support from police, county, etc.

- and don't even get me started on folks who contact us in the middle of a suicide attempt.

Moderator, SR
Ugh Deserteyes. I hadn't thought of this and do believe this is true. We try to be a GP, family friendly site while children are contacting the moderators from a world of X-rated violence.

I'd like to think that with technology we can reach these young people better but family is what they need and this is such a non-tech, organic and essential element for a kid.

Carry on all. I want to think we are working for something beyond ourselves as we confront our inner-most demons.
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Originally Posted by Babescake View Post
Has anyone thought of starting a kid/tween/teen thread? Granted, it is hard to police, etc., and I know the repercussions that can arise, but this makes me sad. No offense, but this forum is one of the worst they can read. It is families at their worst points and don't think alcoholics/addicts can make it. Other threads are far more positive and there ARE good stories.
Ive been to sites where they do have sections for teens, not sure about kids of all ages. They have to register with the admin before being able to access that particular section. Its peer support for those of the same age. And Im sure the mods chime in when necessary. Similar ones for women to talk about sexual abuse and such.


I think I understand the point your making. I arrived here very upset and confused. Ive shared as briefly as possible about sexual assault by my husband when under the influence. A lot of people arrive in pain and anger. It never settles down maybe because there are always new arrivals. I also feel that pain and anger fuel other peoples hurts? To me anger is a stage and I didnt like going through it, but it was part of my healing. I try to stay calm when Im posting (sometimes I fail) but I think newcomers or those really upset dont need the flames to be fanned. All I know is I needed calm.

I personally have learned a lot from other sections of this site too. There is a lot of good info here and it doesnt matter to me if I learn from a family member, someone who is trying to quit drinking, or someone who has long since stopped. Gold nuggets are scattered throughout.

Its heartbreaking to think about kids contacting this site with such horrible things going on. But its good they reach out just as was stated. I was isolated for a while ( my own doing ) and it was incredibly lonely and I felt a lot of shame. It lowered my self esteem, just put me into a very negative hopeless head space. It changed when I went online for help, found a therapist, and finally felt strong enough to reach out to my family. Things can change in positive ways just by reaching out.
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