A thought struck me today!

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A thought struck me today!

I gave up drinking Mountain Dew last December. Why, you wonder. Well, for one thing my specialist advised me too. Another reason was that I drank it like water - which means I drank A LOT! Well, I hadn't listened to my specialist and I continued drinking it. But one day......I decided that I'd give it up just to see if it made a difference.
Well, I was astounded at the difference. Not only in the area that I see a specialist for - but overall, I felt A LOT better! I was shocked at the difference!
In all honesty, I haven't really missed it. Of course, I still drink pop - I now drink a lot of Diet Pepsi. But honestly, I also drink other things as well. Whereas when I drank Mountain Dew, that was all that I would drink.
One of my biggest pet peeves on the planet is when I go to get something to drink and find that we have nothing! Nothing can seem to get me in a worst mood faster than this! (I hate water, by the way!)
Well, I was having a bad day and was in a very bad mood already when I discovered that someone had finished off the ice tea and not made more! <---- that looked alot like me!
I had bought my son some Mountain Dew this weekend. I seen it in the fridge when I looked in there for tea. I grabbed a can and took it to the desk with me (griping all the while, mind you!!!!) I sat here at the desk and I looked at the Mountain Dew can. Did I want to drink it? What would be possible consequences of my drinking it? Was it worth it? What if I started drinking it all the time again? Oh, the questions that went through my mind as I looked at that can!!!!
Then I had a thought!!!!!!
Is this how an addict feels when they are faced with that opportunity to use? Is this how they feel? Do they look at the poison in front of them and feel as I did?
Honestly, I don't know the answer to that. I do know that my AH isn't like that. He doesn't think before he does something. He's more the type that would have thought, "I"m in a bad mood and here it is. Something to drink!" and he would have grabbed it and drank it and then justified it by saying something like "Well, we didn't have anything else to drink".
But maybe for some people, it is like that. They actually look at it and for whatever reason, they let themselves do it. (maybe like I do more along the lines of smoking cigarettes)? Anyways....
I am in no way trying to make light of alcohol versus Mountain Dew! Nor am I saying that it's the same thing - but I was wondering if they ever have that same thought process, the same feeling, etc.
It was just a thought so I thought I'd share it with you.
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Originally Posted by StandingStrong
But maybe for some people, it is like that. They actually look at it and for whatever reason, they let themselves do it. (maybe like I do more along the lines of smoking cigarettes)?
I really liked your post, and I must admit I do the very same thing with smoking too! I hate it that I allow myself to do that to, but hopefully I can put them down like you did the mountain dew

Take care,
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Interesting thought. Sounds like how I look at chocolate or ice cream but not
how my AH looks at booze. He likes to make up a reason to be mad at me so
he can justify drinking. One of his other traits is to convince himself that I'm mad at
him so he's intitled to drink. I don't think he ever looks at a bottle and thinks
should I or shouldn't I. I think he thinks how will I justify this one. Of course he can
usually make me at least upset enough to convince himself. I'm really working on
not being so accommadating. Like locking myself in the closest untill the steam blows off. Wow you really got my little brain a spinnan. lol---Smiles--Dee
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Originally Posted by Dee at Mt Bully
I don't think he ever looks at a bottle and thinks
should I or shouldn't I. I think he thinks how will I justify this one. Dee

Mine too. It happens to me though, with smokes and junk food.
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I'm with you, Dee - he doesn't look at reasons why he shouldn't, just excuses as to why he deserves to, needs to, must,... whatever

My weakness is WaWa Green Ice tea. LOL, and unless you live in the NY, PA, NJ, DE areas you probably haven't a clue as to what I'm talking about! I started drinking Propel (by Gatoraid, I think). It's a "sports drink" sorta thing - flavored water (my favorites are lemon and Kiwi Strawberry) It's better for me than ice tea but kinda pricey. I get really cranky if I open the fridge and there's no Propel or Green Tea in there!! LOL, actually, I start panicing about it when the bottle gets half empty... There's a real GOOD reason why I don't drink alcohol - LOL - I can see the writing on the wall!
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I liked your post. I'm the same way with Diet Dr. Pepper. I HAVE to have it everyday, and when I don't have any in the fridge, I get panicky and cranky. I'll go to the store and buy some right then and there!! I know I should drink water instead, but it's sooo good! LOL

My AH drinks and doesn't think twice....
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