Believe everyone here

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Believe everyone here

I'm back here after joining in 2011, I think.

I have been with the same person I wrote about in 2011. The last 4 years he has had a 1/2 pint of hard liquor (4 shots) every night, sometimes in addition to what he would order when we went out. According to the guidelines I have read, men that have no more than 14 drinks a week are considered moderate drinkers. He was having at least 28 drinks a week for 4 years, that is considered a heavy drinker.

He also would drink while driving, a swig of liquor then a swig of pop or sparkling water, etc. Yes, I sometimes was in the car with him.

His short term memory is going. He of course has gained weight and is aging right before my very eyes. He can't afford to live on his own, so has been living with his mom for the past 4 years-he's 58.

The bad break up happened last night. I'm going to Al Anon. He refuses to AA. If he keeps up with this pace of drinking, or when it gets worse, I'm positive he will die from it.

I just wanted to say to newcomers here-PLEASE LISTEN TO THE EXPERIENCES HERE. It truly is a progressive disease, I've been seeing it for the past 4 years.
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Thanks for the post. I hope you are doing alright. It is good to see what alcoholism looks like from your perspective. It makes me more aware of the distruction it causes.
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I think that going to alanon is a good choice for you.....
there is a lot of help aren't alone......
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After reading your post, I couldn't help
but think if I had remained in my addiction
27 yrs ago and for the love and concern of
my family placing me in the hands of those
capable of teaching me about my illness,
disease, addiction and given the gift of AA
as a program of recovery to learn and
incorporate in my life on a daily bases,
I don't think id be here today at 58 yrs
old myself.

I'm so glad you are reaching out
for help and support with those
going thru the same similar situation
as you.

You are definitely not alone here
in SR and your meetings you are

Stay strong and positive.
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It is good you are going to al-anon. Try and really commit to the program and more important commit to yourself to make any and all the necessary changes you need to in order to change your life.

I realized that my commitment to al-anon in the beginning was really a continued commitment to making my toxic relationship work. I went in with all the wrong thinking but have since learned some terrific healthy thinking and my life is so much happier and peaceful for it.
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Al, I am sorry you are back and nothing is better. FYI - You joined oct. 2010 to be exact.

Nothing changes if nothing changes, my friend. You got to want it more than anything and work very hard to achieve it. Maybe this will be your rock bottom.


P.s. I told my axh that he too would die from alcohlism and he said to me, "I have to die from something".
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