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Originally Posted by Txbuttercup View Post
I was in a very similar situation to you just a couple months ago.
My husband was unemployed, making my daily life a living hell, and I was forced to flee in the middle of night and could not afford to pay both the mortgage and my rent.

My plan was to request not only the judge make him sell, but sell to a particular "buy as is" website that I was able to obtain an offer from online. Yes, it was very low end of market value. Yes, we could've / should've made more, but I knew there was no way he could stay sober enough to maintain the home and keep it in showing condition or even answer the door for potential buyers (that could be a dangerous situation). Plus we would be able to pick the closing date anywhere from 7-60 days after final inspection. It made me more comfortable knowing I would deal with a company rather than subject unsuspecting homebuyers to an alcoholic's erratic behavior.

He ultimately showed up to court at the last minute and agreed to my plan, so I didn't have to go in front of the judge. Within a week he hit an 18 wheeler head on while driving drunk in another state (3x the limit at 10am). I've returned home and am pulling some legal / financial maneuvers to pay him his half of the low ball offer and keep the house.

I don't wish this alcoholic death spiral on anyone, but my advice is to make your living arrangements as temporary as possible when you leave until the house is sold. Now I have broken an apartment lease and contracts for internet, electricity, security, etc, but it is worth it to me to back in my home. Just remember things can change very quickly with an alcoholic.

Good luck to you!
That is my plan. I live in a neighborhood in which the homes sell within two weeks. I'm not worried about getting the home sold, but it's a mess here right now. He has a ton of crap in the house and several unfinished projects going on. We have around 90k in equity, but it will be far less due to the condition of the inside of the home. I'm fine with losing money on it. I'm so tempted to pack a bag, put the top down on the mustang, put Chewie (my newf) in the backseat and go live in the mountains. Let everyone else fend for themselves like they should be doing. No more complaining, time to start doing.
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