Feeling Sad on Father's Day

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Feeling Sad on Father's Day

So I thought I was doing well, but broke down after XAH dropped DS off yesterday in the evening. It was "his" weekend but he shorted it one day because of the fact he had to work (he makes his own schedule)

It really donned on me that him being dedicated father in the past was probably just a way for him to work very little and "stay at home" while doing whatever he wanted during his free time. Or maybe he was somewhat genuine.

Maybe he is doing the best he can these days. I want to believe it - but I am struggling with this this weekend. Hate to see DS sad.

Just wanted to share.
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sorry hon. best you can do is help your DS keep his expectations LOW. not talking up daddy time, not even talking up daddy.

it is tragic that a man who works on his OWN schedule is unable or unwilling to MAKE time for his child. it says a lot. his priorities are messed up. and there is not a thing you can do to CHANGE that.

i hope you and the boy do some fun things today! silly things. goofy things.
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Irk Nata. This is not surprising but still tragic.

I hope you and DS did something fun.
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Father's day is the worst when your father or children's father just sucks.

I took my kids to the river and went swimming and we had a great time anyway.
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Thank you all! At times I feel like he is a good father, affectionate, DS loves him, but all good gets lost in his unfortunate unability to make time for him. He was talking a good game about revising parenting plan for more time - but I don't think I have to worry about it. He is more like an uncle rather than a parent these days. He is yet to speak with DSs school or teachers or any of the coaches at his extra curricular activities. Oh well - his loss.
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hugs to all you out there.. Father's Day... always makes me sad .. miss all of my family from the 1950's to the 1990's... have my photos of so many days gone by.. sometimes that is all I have.. went to my sons for the weekend.. they do a lot of time with her folks.. they are not well. maybe.... and my children's father my ex.. never has time for them even now... cried in the car on my way home.. Eddie Lee just does not know how to take the tears.. my only regret in life not being able to do enough for mykids... we had it hard.. really hard.. but we had each other.. sometimes they laugh about life in the 1980's but then they get a little tight and the chatter goes to a different vein... my job now... if I had had a job like this back then.. but it would not have paid 11.00 per hour. back then 3.35 per hour was as good as it got. for a female.. doing the same job as a guy..... sorry all... Father's Day..... is Hard and Mother's Day is worse.. yep... love my 3 to bits.. hugs and prayers and hopes for a better tomorrow.. ardy
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