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Here I am again. I haven't posted in awhile bc my ah has been doing really well. I guess we shouldn't have come to an all inclusive again. I shouldn't have drank around him but can't change that now. I'm in Jamaica and he drank. Problem worse is he won't even admit he did. Plus he keeps telling me I have the problem and I'm crazy. I'm at such a loss for what to do.
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I was that guy.

My suggestion, what brought a complete inner transformation and inner desire to live sober and sane and in 'fit spiritual condition' so that I actually have the inner desire to be honest with myself and others, including my wife LOL, came thru the program described in the book, Alcoholics Anonymous and thru actually Working the 12 Steps.

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He didn't drink BECAUSE you drank around him (though you do realize that is enabling, right?). He's right about one thing, though. HE has no problem with his drinking--YOU do.

So, given the fact that you can do nothing about him, what are you doing about YOUR problem?

I'm sorry--ruined vacations suck.
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All inclusives and alcoholics will never mix. I know the one we went to in Jamaica was a big drink fest the entire time, with the staffers encouraging people to drink, and running games with the awards being bottles of booze.

Nothing can be changed now, and it's certainly not your fault. If someone picks up again or not is up to them. Putting themselves in temptations way is something they have to learn to control, or not, up to them.

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Our honeymoon was at an all-inclusive in Jamaica. At the time I didn't realize AH was an alcoholic, so the whole trip he drank and drank and we argued and it was honestly the worst vacation we ever went on. I'm sorry he drank love, take care of yourself.
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Problem worse is he won't even admit he did.
Why's is so important to you that he admit it? You know he did and that's all that counts.

I also see this as he doesn't have a problem with his drinking - you do. He's an alcoholic, he's been an alcoholic and now he's drinking again, this is life when you chose to stay involved with one.
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As AH would say....

That's what alcoholics do.
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i'm curious....was the vacation a "reward" of sorts? was the choice of an all-inclusive resort your idea or his?

he can and will drink anywhere he wants, at anytime, for any reason. you did not CAUSE him to drink, altho drinking around him AT a place designed for drinking and hedonism was perhaps not the wisest of ideas.

make the most of your time. be safe.
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