help; STBXAH's continued denial, now going to court :(

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I don't know how he's cheating the testing, if that's what's occurring. SoberLink uses photo-recognition software, so I get a photo of him blowing into the breathalyzer every time he tests.

I think he has figured out how to manage his disease around the testing schedule. He only tests twice per day, so soon after he tests, he can probably have a couple of drinks. He has always been very high functioning and intelligent, so I'm guessing that this has just been one more challenge that he's figured out how to surmount. I know he has his own breathalyzer, so I imagine he always pre-tests to make sure he blows clean. Also, the one time he had our children for more than 7 days, I'm pretty sure he got drunk immediately after testing on day 7, as I happened to stop by the house and he was glassy-eyed, buzzed, and jovial. I imagine he's figured out strategies for postponing the majority of his drinking to his 'off' week, when he's free to indulge.

And I'm okay with whatever he's figured out, as he seems to have created a system that protects our kids. What I'm not okay with is the judge allowing him to discontinue the monitoring, as so far as I know, having to monitor is the only things that puts a brake on his drinking.
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I suspect you're right on about "managing"--even toward the end of my drinking, I was able to "manage" it, when I HAD to. If I didn't have to, I reverted to form. I could only hang on until I didn't HAVE to, then it was off to the races.
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