Functioning alcoholic husband???

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Oh, God, Love Hurt I really feel like I was in your shoes. I could have written your words: "I fantasize not about another man but about another life. I am pretty miserable and yet he gets to drink it all away! I am sad for my kids! And I feel like a failure. I am supposed to honor my vows."

I remember one day when he said "hey, we're doing okay, aren't we?" and I said, "are you kidding? I want the last 4 months of my life back."

An active alcoholic will keep us on the roller coaster as long as they can; it's up to us to step off, for ourselves and for the sake of our children. I can tell you now, 14 months after leaving my STBXAH, that I am incredibly glad that I stopped showing my daughters that a wife's role is to put up with abuse. It isn't. We have to stand up for ourselves and get out, for our own sake and for our children.
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The dysfunction truly is passed on from generation to
generation -
until someone sees it for what it is and makes the changes needed
to start living their lives in a sane and healthy way, caring about and
loving themselves, creating & enforcing their boundaries to keep
themselves & their children in a safe & nurturing environment.

One of the reasons its so darn hard is because one is shifting
away from generations of dysfunction.....
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