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Dee, I received your note, this is it. A Co-Dependent is defined as someone who has been significantly affected in specific ways by current or post involvement in an alcoholic, chemically dependent or other long term, highly stressful family environment. specific effects include (a) fear (b) shame/guilt (c) prolonged despair; (d) anger (e) denial (f) grief (g) impaired identity development; and (h) confusion. These characteristics are detailed, and implications for co-dependency.

Another definition: A pattern of beliefs about life, learned behavior, and habitual feelings that make life painful. Her focus is on the external locus of control of the codependent person that makes the co-dependents rely on things outside of themselves for self-worth.
it is generally agreed that a co-dependent is someone whose life has been significantly affected by another person's use of alcohol or mood-altering chemicals. It is our belief that if co-dependency is to have value as a concept, it must be limited to those individuals who develop a series of generally predictable and problematical responses from that exposure.

Just for Today------I am Sober
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Bringing back an oldy goldy for the newcomers.
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I just love Pernell's posts.

Don't know where you get all the great information Pernell, but this codependent is grateful.
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Your posts help us so much, but I'm a little leary to post on the NA board. I wish you would teach us here too. I've had a question for awhile now. I read your posts and a couple of times you've mentioned that we think we know what's going on with our A, but we don't really know what is going on. I have been curious about what it is that we don't know. If you could give us some insight on this I would appreciate it.


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