The "Good Things" Jar

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The "Good Things" Jar

I mentioned this in passing in one of my daily reader thread posts some time ago but wanted to bring it up again on this New Year's Eve b/c I think it's a GENIUS idea:

A "Good Things Jar" for 2015 - Daisies and Bruises

I'm definitely going to do one of these this year! I never follow through w/journaling; it turns into a chore at some point and I have enough chores already, but the idea of picking out a good thing each day and just making a short note about it and putting it in the jar--well, that's something I feel I can handle. And as the person posting the original blog says, the simple act of reminding yourself of that "good thing" throughout the course of the day so you'll remember it to write it down makes it have more weight b/c you've reached back and thought about it a number of times.

Maybe this time next year we can have a thread where we each post our favorite "Good Things from the Jar"...?
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I have had a good thing box. Anything that puts a smile on my face. A note from the children or a cute card I find at the store. A funny conversation from a friend. A reconnection with an lost friend.
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I love this idea so much!!!
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I love this idea! I used to have a God Box where I'd put my concerns and give them over to God but this is a simplified gratitude jar and that sounds so wonderful to me today!
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I am going to as well. I started last year and only put a few slips in the jar, I think I need to include everyone in the house to be part of the note takers throughout the year.
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altho not at all the same thing, one year my 2nd ex and i collected ALL the credit card offers we rec'd throughout the entire year - including my pre-teen daughter.....AND another son i didn't know i had. then on New Year's Eve we sat around and opened each one and made the tally. i can't remember the exact numbers, but i know for the adults it was well into the hundreds of thousands, and the kids each had close to $100k.

i think that was like the only thing i ever did consistently for an entire year?? i really like the Good Things jar idea. if you used Bell jars and used colored paper/post its, it could also be quite decorative.
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