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my daughter, who is an exceptional human, bright, witty, humor with a tinge of sarcasm (NO idea where she gets it), well versed, etc etc.....would totally freeze up when it came to tests. driving test (bombed, they weren't out of the parking lot for 10 minutes), SAT (took it twice), and even when she was little and i took for "gifted" testing - she WAS gifted, she just wasn't gifted at TESTS.

on tuesday she went to an interview and said she totally froze up. had all the personality of a toothpick. appointment was scheduled for 25 mins, and she said they were "done" in about 15. but she said she CRUSHED the Excel portion! as this is a job in a budgeting office, that's a good thing.

my point is.....we don't ALL nail things with an A+ the first time around. it doesn't mean we didn't study the material, nor that we don't have a grasp on the information, OR that we did anything WRONG. some things we do better than others.

it'll be ok Liz. ease up on thyself, woman!
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Thanks Anvil! My son is a terrible test taker as well. Apparently he interviews well, though, so that's a good thing for him, lol.

I am distracted by the holidays but luckily they have us on a light schedule for the next few days. Looking forward to the holidays being over so I can get back to normal and not feel so scattered.
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