Bad temperment and drinking...

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Angry Bad temperment and drinking...

My husand(in his late 40's) drinks beer now almost every day to the point where he gets very mean and verbally nasty with me. He'll pick a fight with me even if I'm asleep -- he'll wake me up with his loud muttering or turning bathroom lights on, etc. I never say a word. But sometimes, I might get up and watch tv and he'll start in on me. Tonight, my son woke up with a fever and rather than let me get medicine, he's yelling and me to get back and get medicine, which I was already doing. He absolutely does not think he has a problem as he isn't the falling down drunk that he associates with an alcoholic. If I say anything, he just points to my brotherinlaw who's really outofcontrol and uses him as the yardstick to measure his degree of "problem." It only takes a few beers now and he turns into a nasty, ugly man with an attitude. My six year old son sees this and I don't like it. He sees me cry and I don't know what to do. Please help asap.
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Hi Snookem,
I have to ask you, what are you getting out of this relationship?
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Hi Snookem...
Welcome to the forum!
Unfortunately, until your husband realizes he has a problem, the only people you can help are yourself and your son. Is he getting progressively more angry? Has he mistreated your son? Have you considered contacting a spouse abuse center in your area and getting their advice?
How does he explain his anger? (I mean, when he's sober.) Is he angry when he's not drinking?
If he doesn't get any help, and he progresses to hitting the walls or kicking the furniture PLEASE call an abuse hotline.
In the meantime... al-anon for you?

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