Alcoholic Family DysFUNction

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Alcoholic Family DysFUNction

xAH's mother called me yesterday ( I never answer ) and thanks to transcribed voicemails via my phone, I did not have to hear her voice- I just read the message as my voicemail transcribed it...

Long story short, xAH has lost his ability to drive the kids due to repetitive breathalyzer fails...

So, having made no progress himself with bullying me to bend on the court order about his losing driving and overnight rights, he now has his mommy calling me (but would of course deny that)

So she is calling and asking me to allow the kids to visit her with her son driving them and lecturing me via voicemail that it's good for the kids to see her and their cousin (a narcissistic brat that my kids hate spending time with bc he bullies them just like their dad does).

I am grateful to the transcribed message and have emailed it to myself for safe keeping and if it continues, I will ask my attorney to send a letter to her telling her to cease and desist with contact...

It's just insane that he and his sick family just can not stop with the endless contact with me....
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Ehh sorry to hear that. Is there any way to set up a special folder to route messages from certain phones?

Fortunately, my former MIL is nice enough, keeps liking my boards on Pinterest and sending me lengthy e-mails about it. She also leaves nice messages.

I can never call her back though cause when I do - somehow XAH is lurking there (he stays at his brothers next door) and he picks up the phone. I am proud to say I have not called XAH since February.

XAH, on the other hand, is sober, but trying to pull all kinds of tricks to break the rules. He only has supervised visitations but shows up without supervisor, especially on evenings when I have plans to go out with friends. Last time he was turned away and I was left seething with anger about my ruined plans. Turned it into a movie and pizza night with DS - all good.

Continue to ignore their nonsense and don't give them an inch. Or a millimeter
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