Methinks I'm being mindf***ed.

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My AXBF would make statements that he is the "worst person in the world" after he went on a binge drinking spree. I'm now realizing he was probably trying to make me feel sorry for him. I moved out and now he won't speak to me. I feel like an idiot for thinking he had some kind of self-esteem problem! He obviously thinks very highly of himself now that his ego bruised.
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I've left many times. At least now i don't live with him. I'm wanting to break up again and am seeking help from domestic violence agency. It is emotional, verbal and (for you ) financial abuse. Even my new therapist didn't understand. I ask my Higher Power for the way...and I wait until the answers appear. I just wish I'd quit going into denial when I get lonely. But know if I work a program the loneliness will be less or not at all. Prayers with you.
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I have read that some A's are just as addicted to the "coming down from the high" part as they are to their drug of choice. Self pity and "I don't deserve you" thing can be a part of it.
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