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Speaking of sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists I just finished a very interesting read that makes it more understandable how so many of us seem to collect these red flag guys and gals...

1 in 25 ordinary Americans secretly have NO conscience and can do anything without feeling guilty. They are sociopaths and they are next door and everywhere pretending to be "normie"...

Just add alcohol and addiction and its the perfect storm of a romance or business partnership...
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I read that book. It's very interesting and explains a lot about the people who fit the description. Sociopaths want what they want, period. No one else's needs or feelings matter. It's pure selfishness.

Not that all addicts are sociopaths but the majority of sociopaths abuse drugs or alcohol.
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I read that book as well at the advice of a doctor when my relationship ended, and it was very eye opening. While not all addicts are sociopaths, the thing about alcohol and many other drug addictions is that the substances interfere with or eliminate the addict's ability to empathize with others, which brings out sociopathic or narcissistic tendencies.
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I read this book, too. I wanted to see if my ex fit the description of a sociopath since he so abruptly was able to leave me and run off with someone he just met. I don't think he is. But, it was a very interesting book and actually scary to think that there are so many in the world who have no conscience.
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Got it, it's in the stickies.

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Often they don't use drugs/alcohol because they don't ever want to be out of control.
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