So this was kind of funny...

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So this was kind of funny...

I got a call today from my dad's financial planner. She has worked with the folks for YEARS, with a very big investment brokerage, and my dad thinks the sun rises and sets on her financial advice. She called me a little before Christmas this year, to introduce herself to me and to my brother, just so we got to know each other before anything happens to my dad's ability to manage their money.

Super-nice lady, and she talks a lot about her own folks, how they are dealing with their aging issues, and I like her enough (and am impressed enough with her) to have her take a look at my own financial situation (which I will be ready to address once I get my dad squared away in his new digs).

So today she called from the airport--she knows what's been going on with Dad and she decided to give him a call (she's called a few times while we've been sorting out this moving situation), but their phone is already disconnected. She just wanted to see how everything was going.

A ways into our chit-chat, she said something about the fact that she has an anniversary at the end of the summer. I asked, what kind of anniversary? I heard her say, "When I got sober." I said REALLY? My anniversary is the end of the summer, too! She asked how long, and I said, it will be eight years! She said, wow, and I started launching into the story of how and why I got sober, blah blah, yada yada. Then I asked her how long for her. She said, "How long what?" I asked, "How long have you been sober?" There was this pause, and she said, "Um, well, actually I've never had an alcohol problem."

There was this pause, and I busted out laughing, as I told her I could have sworn she said she was celebrating her sobriety. No, she actually is celebrating her first wedding anniversary.

Interestingly, though, she has a daughter who is a few months sober in AA, so she was happy to hear i was doing so well.

I told her not to mention it to my Dad because he has no idea I ever had a drinking problem, so there has been no need to share that with him (it might just make him worry or something). She assured me she won't, but congratulated me on my recovery.

I'm still laughing about it. Good thing I don't really care anymore who knows.
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That is a great story. I needed to read something positive like that just now! Thanks for sharing.
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Posts: 15,792 funny!......It IS a good thing that it doesn't bother you.....

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Your post made me smile. Thanks.
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