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I have been thinking about you! I am so sorry, I know exactly how this feels. Just fighting you but not fighting for his kids in a healthy parent like way. It hurts so so badly. Sending you lots of love and strength. Praying for DD
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I think my form response to you from now on is going to just be "your ex is the biggest loser and d**k I've ever heard of. You rock momma". Done, that's all that needs to be said he gives a bad name to men everywhere.
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Hey WTBH, prayers for you and your girl. Also for all your family and friends.

This sounds like it has been a triple whammy of hardship. Please, please be as kind to yourself as you can; circle all the wagons and let us know anything we can do to help.

God bless you and who you are.
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Each time there is some event that he ought not be a douchebag about, he raises the douchery bar just that much higher and strives for all new heights...

THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^ LMAO! Sad but true!

YOU are doing a GREAT JOB! Be proud of yourself! He on the other hand is doing exactly what you would expect, no?
Best to you Girl.. Keep on keeping on!
Ro xo
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Thank you all so much.... I am crying reading your kind replies, crying because of the latest call (shadow on the MRI- have to return today to the hospital for another), crying bc I can not fix this, crying for the loss of life of my childrens young friend, crying bc I see my friend (the girls friends mom) grieving in a way I can not even comprehend and all I can think is "please God do not let me join this select club of parents who have a tragedy befall their child", crying bc I have to maintain my composure at a job and am SUCKING at it all...

Thank you all for listening... This is a perspective making situation of late and makes me wish that the worst situation I had to deal with was xAH raising the douchery bar
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A work in progress
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I'm with SparkleKitty--take the time you need--you don't have to hang out at work at a time like this.

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