I am honked!

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I am honked!

So the Beav is in prison and he got in a fight over $6. He borrowed it and can't pay it back. He obviously lied to the borrowee. As a result he got another 30 days. He calls me with the story...never asked for the money because he knows we have sent not one dollar this time. Ward and I talk and decide to send him some money. I write a check...knock off a nice note and in the mail it goes. It occurs to me that I have somehow absorbed the information that you can't send checks and sure enough. I check the website and it has to be a money order or cashiers check. So now he will be getting one of the few notes from home, plus it said we sent $20 and it won't be there. I just love this. Because he is a freaking criminal so are we? The state will take my check for income tax but not $20 to the kid? :cussing: As if it isn't hard enough! So tomorrow I will be getting a money order.

I am not even going to qualify that I am sending him took a week to make the decision and there is no way I am enabling him with a 20 dollar bill when he is in prison. They just make things harder than they already are...

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JT I don't have a response for you but here is a hug anyway.
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It can wear you out, can't it? Alcoholics! We can't live without 'em, and we can't shoot 'em. Sending hugs, Magic :beerchug: :camper:
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You CAN shoot them, but then you have to stay in jail longer than they do.

((( JT! ))) At the lisence plate office here at one time you were not allowed to pay CASH. I don't know if it's different now because the frustration of that helped me remember to always pay by mail ever since.

What kind of a lame brain is going to pass a bad check to the prison system? Seems like a silly rule.
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I can really relate. On Saturday we took our two little neices on a 4 hour road trip to see their uncle who is in a state correctional facility. They were so excited to see him as it was the first visit since he has been incarcerated since 2000. Well don't you know that there is a special form for kids that needs completed and you must have two forms of identification. .school report. .immunization record. .etc.

It is all bureacracy. .everyone does the time in one way or another when someone we love goes to jail.

We tried to make the best of it but it was really disappointing.

The lesson. .do your very very best to stay out of the system cause it is no place to be.

Love Mo
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Thanks...I can even send a check to Ebay if I want to wait ten days for it to clear! I should have been smarter than that. Can you see me knocking on the gate "Please mister can I pleeeze have my check back?"

((((Mo)))))...I won't go to a prison. It was bad enough to see him in county.
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