Why the cruelty?

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Why the cruelty?

Ok so have not been on for a while, popped back a few times for sanity and to see what others having been up to. Recap I moved out in January but have continued to pay mortgage rates life assurances etc., and am staying with friends Monday to Friday deal was I had 70% of the house so put house on the market finally got a sale we are just ready to exchange contracts and he is refusing to move and after going in to therapy is claiming to be holier than thou and wants 50% and for me to pay him maintenance! I was prepared to see how it went from a bit of a distance but feel he is taking the pee but how dare he try and make me stay and bully me. I have held his sorry ass up for way to long tried to rationalise his mood swings put up with him being sacked supported and encouraged him to change careers not sure if he is drinking or not but he is a nasty piece of work if indeed he is a dry dry drunk.
How did I ever find myself here being held to ransom. Feeling ill with worry , no spring chicken so every thing seems to make my life more miserable than it currently is.
Think he is even enjoying seeing me this stressed can't see my way out but desperately need to clear myself of this inhuman sociably stunted being
Sorry for the rant just felt like I was going to explode
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Sending hugs your way. Dry drunk is indeed a real thing or he is just an a$$. My ex treated me the same way-horribly. Peace to you
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Rant away Shetrim. That's what we're here for.

Have you consulted with an attorney? It sounds like it might be in your best interest to do so.
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You need a legally binding agreement/court order. Go see a lawyer this week. Tomorrow. You could be in legal trouble with the potential buyers, and you need this resolved ASAP.
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You need an attorney ASAP. And let this serve as a warning to others supporting their worthless A's and providing a roof over their head for WAY TOO LONG - this can happen!!
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Thanks for the advice guys contracts signed split sorted two weeks and counting beginning to relax think I can see light at the end of the tunnel
Booked a short holiday break with my daughter the day after the house sale so got something to look forward to
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