Detachment vs "Letting Go"

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This is really useful stuff about boundaries and letting go of old emotional core wounds that still control our independence.
I am currently setting physical boundaries with my FOO as well as very limited contact with key figures who are less toxic to me.
My husband is moving out as he has overstepped boundaries far too many times and however hard I try to detach it's impossible to live my life surrounded my his issues.
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Thanks so much for posting.

I frankly had forgotten that I had posted this topic, and it was such an appropriate read for me today.

I am a little over 18 months out from this post and I wanted to say that it does get easier and we do heal. If I have learned nothing else on this journey (my eye surgery and my recovery) it has been our amazing capacity for healing.

I am not nearly so angry anymore, and when I am angry it is not steeped in old unresolved stuff from childhood. It is about the present (for the most part).

I just yesterday talked to my therapist about how though I don't think I am ready for putting myself out there for an intimate relationship again, I am ready to start making new friendships. Previously I have been terrified of new relationships of any kind because I have feared that I would not be ready to "get myself out," if I needed to.....because I have struggled with this in the past.

It was detachment, and letting go (which I still have some pieces to work on around my ex) that allow me to feel better and be moving forward.

I bet some of the other wise posters who contributed to the original post have had some growth in this capacity too.
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