Please help regarding diabetes

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Please help regarding diabetes

I haven't posted for a while so I will give some background information regarding my husband. He suffers from Pancreatitis, has a DWI and,has lost his job due to alcoholism. We have been separated for a few minutes and recently was diagnosed being a diabetic and has to take insulin shots sometimes. He is,still drinking. Iwas wondering if anyone ha experienced an alcoholic with diabetes. I,am worried that he might abuse the insulin by taking the shot to bring his,sugar down so that,he can drink. I hate thinking like that but we know that alcoholics always manipulatemanipulate to be able to drink. I know that nothing I say or do will make a difference but just wanted to know if anyone else had been through something similar.
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Not sure what separated for a few minutes means but it sounds like you are in a codependent relationship. If you are separated what he does or doesn't do is something that is not your concern.

I would highly recommend ALANON where you will learn about enabling, codependency, detachment, support, and most importantly how to get your life back
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Your suspicions are probably correct.
Alcoholics + diabetes is a bad combination regardless of whether you're right or not.
There is nothing you can do about it, regardless.
You aren't responsible for it and can't control it.
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No medical advice here but yes, being a newly diagnosed insulin-dependent diabetic AND an alcoholic, there is potential for harm just with the math and remembering to do shots. What you said, 'predosing' would be impossible for an alcoholic cuz we never know how much we're gonna drink till we pass out. Super risky but that's what we do.
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Thanks everone, I meant to say we have been seperated for months and I do attend Al Anon. Haven't been able to lately but will be going again soon. The reaso I,am asking is just incase we get back together, I want to understand the disease. More for information fo me only. I do know that I can't control alcoholism, I didn't cause it, can't control it or cure it. I am having a hard time deciding if I should continue my marriage. I,know that my husband won't change yet I am still having agard time taking the next step. I still love him very much.
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Yeah sry ur trying to learn if you get back together. I wouldn't get back together, btw. Yes there is a lot of manipulation of insulin with addict types for sure. Another big one is those with eating disorders using insulin in order to lose weight. Why do you want to stay in this?
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Abuse insulin? In what way do you mean?

My husband also has chronic pancreatitis and he also developed insulin dependent diabetes as a result. You can dose a couple of ways. Figure out the carbs before and dose (preferred) or wait until an hour after eating and test. If my husband wants to eat half a pie and a cup of sugar he can - he just has to take enough insulin to keep the sugar in check. Alcohol is considered a carb like any other. I am sure he was encouraged to drink in moderation........ I think one or two glasses here and there. There are other things to consider like is he taking long acting insulin? Immediate?

But he's an alcoholic so there will not be moderation. Rather than be worried that he will "abuse" the insulin - I'd be more concerned about whether he took it at all. I'd wonder if he is drunk as **** if he can accurately pull out a couple of units into that small syringe its difficult to do sober. Maybe he is on a pen but not all insulin comes that way..... Maybe he doses too high and crashes....

Then there is the pancreatitis. That also cam from the alcoholism. Two worst things you can do - eat fat and drink alcohol. Have you ever seen a pancreatitis flare up? Linda Blair in the Exorcist on steroids. If he keeps on keeping on he'll be chronic if he isn't already. That means possible billiary bypass or a whipple procedure if he develops pseudocysts and rots what's left.

My husband was sober when I met him. He wasn't eating right and really wasn't managing his diabetes the way he is now. His health is better than ever. He tests his sugar 8 - 10 times a day. He exercises. About 95% of his food is made from scratch. He stays far away from processed food. His last A1C was 6.8 that is an excellent number.

He relapsed a couple of years ago you can read my thread that is why I came here. Let me tell you something you need to consider - you love him and I get that. What he is doing is not only going to ruin his life it will ruin yours. I will deal with anything that comes our way as long as my husband gives it 100% but if he EVER stopped, or started drinking again - I'll be seeing you later pal. Spending my life in a hospital so that someone can drink ain't happening. Wheeling him around in a wheel chair because he had a leg amputated from not managing his diabetes NOPE. Heart attack, neuropathy, kidney failure, NO WAY.

Still could happen but as long as he does what he can I'll be there no matter what. Head back to Al Anon. Don't take this on. You can't stop anything and you can't help him.

I'm sorry he has destroyed his pancreas perhaps he is in denial about how serious this is.
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My job is in healthcare and working with people living with diabetes.

I see many of the same challenges for loved ones (spouses, kids etc) of people with DM as I do with those that struggle with addiction. Loved ones CANNOT manage the disease of DM just like we can't manage the disease of addiction (we can try but we all know on this board that only makes us crazy).

Just like there are many ways to manipulate around addiction, there are many ways to manipulate around DM....with or without meds, with or without food management, or activity or stress. There are many types of addiction (especially around food) that come up when living with DM then in the general public. Getting myself help around my own co-dependency has made this job more enjoyable and less caretaking. I hope I am demonstrating for loved ones/patients an appropriate way of being around another's disease. I know I have not always.

My point is this. What you are doing to help yourself around his addiction, might be what you will need to consider doing around his living with diabetes.

Education about the disease can help everyone. I suspect a medical facility near you will have DM education classes/one:one etc, and depending on what you/he decide this might a place to start. Another great place to go is the American Diabetes Association and/or the American Association of Diabetes Educators to start.
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He is,using the pen. I actually have been dealing with his alcoholism for about 12 years. He,was hospitalized,twice for Pancreatitis and warned him of all the dangers like becoming a diabetic or his,condition becoming chronic Pancreatitis. Iam not sure,what I am going to do in terms,of my marriage yet. I know my,husband will continue to drink which was already very dangerous,for him but now its even worse. Being away from him has helped me to focus on myself more. It's been nice to be away from the alcoholicalcoholic environment and I am less stressed because I don't have to see him drunk. I have educated myself,about alcoholism and attended Al Anon pretty regularly. I am in touch with my sponsor who has been very helpful. I know I need tomake a decision regarding my marriage but I am just not ready yet. I wish I could just walk away but,I haven't been able to find the strength to do that. I will be calling my sponsor tomorrow.
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You don't have to make any decisions now. It may be months - or you may decide to live separate and not divorce.

I'm sorry he will continue to drink. When my husband was diagnosed he did as well. That is why he ended up the way he ended up. Thing is some A's scoot through life and amazingly avoid repercussions we think will happen - they maintain jobs, they avoid being fired when they should, they drive drunk and don't get caught etc.

This is not something he will avoid. He may manage to go for awhile, but the pancreatitis is going to come back. It was the illness that brought my husband to his knees and to sobriety. He couldn't beat it. Its a dangerous and painful path. Perhaps your husband will reach his bottom this way - as scary as it sounds you must leave him to his own devices for your own sanity and hope that he will decide its no way to live.

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Very few alcoholics take care of themselves health wise. Step back and let him manage this.
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Thanks everyone for your advice. Since I am away from him, its easier to detach. I feel my husband is at the end stage of alcoholism and I have accepted the fact that he will never stop drinking. Even though I,knew there was nothing I,could say or do to change that, I still kept thinking that one day I would get through to him but now I know that's not possible. He has lost a lot of weight, has had 2 painful experiences with Pancreatitis and that didn't make a difference. Plus, he continues to have digestion problems but doesn't care. I can't help him but I need,to start taking care of myself better.
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