The Language of Letting Go, May 4

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The Language of Letting Go, May 4

May 4

You are reading from the book "The Language of Letting Go."

Freedom from Compulsive Disorders

Thank you for keeping me straight yesterday. Please help me stay straight today.
-- paraphrased from Alcoholics Anonymous

When I first began my recovery from codependency, I was furious about having to begin another recovery program. Seven years earlier, I had begun recovery from chemical dependency. It didn't seem fair that one person should have to address two major issues in one lifetime.

I've gotten over my anger. I've learned that my recoveries aren't isolated from one another. Many of us recovering from codependency and adult children issues are also recovering from addictions: alcoholism, other drug dependency, gambling, food, work, or sex addiction. Some of us are trying to stay free of other compulsive disorders, ranging from caretaking to compulsively feeling miserable, guilty or ashamed.

An important part of codependency recovery is staying clean and free of our compulsive or addictive behaviors. Recovery is one big room we've entered called healthy living.

We can wave the white flag of surrender to all our addictions. We can safely turn to a Power greater than ourselves to relieve us of our compulsive behavior. We know that now. Once we begin actively working a program of recovery, Higher Power will relieve us of our addictions. Ask Higher Power each morning to help us stay free of our addictions and compulsions. Thank Higher Power for helping us the day before.

Today, Higher Power, help me pay attention to all my recovery issues. Help me know that before I can work on the finer points of my recovery, such as my relationships, I must be free of addictive behaviors.

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