Lundy Bancroft's new book!

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Lundy Bancroft's new book!

I just received this email from him today, announcing it:

Hello Friends and Colleagues!

More than ten years after Why Does He Do That? was published, a companion book for it is finally out!

It's called Daily Wisdom for Why Does He Do That: Encouragement for Women Involved With Angry and Controlling Men.

I decided to write a book of short pieces -- daily readings -- because abusive men create such tension and chaos that it can be difficult for women to find a chance to read a book in peace. Digesting long sections of text can be impossible for a woman when her partner demands constant catering and doesn't allow her to ever focus on herself.

The new book contains 365 entries, each of which takes just five or ten minutes to read. Each day the reader focuses on just one principle and works with it mentally through the day. I offer her a short sentence that summarizes each piece, so that she can repeat those words to herself as she processes what she has read.

Daily Wisdom for Why Does He Do That will also be valuable for advocates, as it wends its way through the myriad issues that abused women have to take on in their daily lives.

If you can buy the book at a bookstore, you help keep those stores alive. Remember especially any independent bookstores in your area, which always need support. But if a bookstore is too far to get to, the book is also available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powells.

Best wishes to all for healing and hope,

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Oh that will be awesome!!! Thanks for sharing, Lexie!!!
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will love to be able to buy and read both of these books someday soon
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Got me hooked, loved the first book, "Why does he do that". See I was always looking for reasons and for excuses for why my ex was the way he was. This book doesn't give excuses. It kind of just bring you back down to earth, with this is what you are living with, this will get worse, is this what you want in your life. Thank you for sharing.

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Why Does He Do That . . . must get it . . . but I do not think I can go one entry a day.

Thanks so much!
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