getting hit in the face with the truth

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umm. I am confused, did I say I was attacking them back? actually I said I did nothing. I did nothing, i said nothing. I was very proud of myself for not reacting. I am posting it here because it hurt me, that he didnt have my back, but I would never let them know that. I have not played into anyones hand. I have said nothing to no one just here.

I know ducky, you are right, it just was another thing added in the basket. I know. I know
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yeah, thanks for the support. gosh, you have a bad day and come on here for support and you get this. it must be nice to be so perfect and to be able to diagnose everyone with their problems. let me know how the weather is up there sometime. i am just a mom, doing the best I can, hurt and trying to figure it all out, thanks for the love and support. peace out
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I don't know, daydreamer, it's coming across that you are honest and open and passionate and so on...all good things, but some discretion needs to be used in real life, you know? And yes, you surely have the choice to choose NOT to use any discretion, to tell complete strangers very private info on your blog, just as you can choose to get all wrought up about how other people aren't meeting your standards for loyalty, but is it really worth it? Does it change those other people one bit? Are any of these folks going "Wow, now I see the error of my ways and I'm going to act completely different in the future!"? Probably not, right?

So what I'm trying to tell you here is that you can spend a lot of time and energy trying to change how other people behave, b/c they aren't acting the way they are "supposed" to (meanwhile jacking yourself up b/c after all, you are so honest and open and passionate, why aren't they?), or you can spend that time and energy on making your own life/world better. The former is utterly futile. The latter is wonderfully productive.

Wishing you strength and clarity.
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Never read or claimed you verbally attacked anyone. ( in retrospect, i should have used the word engage, Sorry for my poor choice of word, wasnt meant to be hurtful)

the disease itself is the attack, it leaves a very black mark on our well being and inner spirit.

peace, friend.
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He sounds like a horrible person - I'm glad he'll be even further from your life now. Maybe your next blog post should be about how hurting people hurt people Keep taking care of yourself. Forget that DBAG - Keep telling your story!!
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