What a crappy week!

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Hey Lexie
I want to congratulate you on handling a situation that would have sent many people teetering off to la-la land.
It's at times like these when we find out just how recovered we really are.
You are an inspiration!
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I'm trying to be really relieved for them, but in the back of my head is "why ME?"

Welp, I think it's because yer a homeowner a d sh*t happens.

Don't sweat the small stuff.
Its all small stuff
If ya can't run and ya can't hide, go with the flow.

I once was mad because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet.

I find it can be a bugger when things dont go my way or as expected, but it is what it is.
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I've had weeks like that Lexi....more than I want to remember. It seems when one things starts heading downhill, other things follow. It's so beyond frustrating!

There have been many times that I wished I was still in an apartment where the landlord was responsible for the repairs. When I first bought this townhouse, the central air/heat motor went. Had that repaired and 2 days later, my washing machine went. About 2 days after that, my SUV (that I LOVED) started having issues and I ended up having to buy a new one. Combine that lofty payment on top of the new mortgage, on top of the money put out for repairs and a new washer and I was just about fit to be tied. This was all right before Christmas. Right after Christmas, my ex-husband's addiction spiraled completely out of control and he left.

Yeah, I said one of those weeks... it was more like one of those years!

Somehow, we manage to get through it all. I'm unsure how sometimes, but we do.

Hang in there!
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Well, finally got the cleanup guys here. They were reluctant to do it until the valve is replaced, but I don't even want to send the plumber down to wade through standing water to replace it. Not to mention, there are electrical cords in the water (their fans, my tv equipment and treadmill) and I don't want to get electrocuted (none of the outlets are in water, just the cables, which are fairly new but the idea still makes me uncomfortable). They made a face when they came in and told me to open all the windows (it's 45 degrees here today). I barely noticed it anymore but when you first come in it really hits you in the olfactory department.

Anyway, hopefully nothing happens between now and Tuesday, when I get the valve replaced.

Oh, and I ordered a couple of water detectors that have a wireless connection, so I can get a text/email alert if any water comes in. That will give me a LITTLE peace of mind when I'm traveling--my carpenter friend can come over and deal with any emergencies.
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Lexie, are you living in my house? I have had that problem many times. Someone should have told you that not only is sewer backup a biohazard but sewer gas ( that smell) can actually kill you. If it ever happens again. No matter how cold, first thing is open all the Windows. BTW, we are neighbors. If it's not sewer backup it's water infiltration. I have three sumptuous in my basement.
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Just the latest unbelievable installment from the Joys of Home Ownership.

So I finally get the plumber out here yesterday morning, and it turns out there is NOTHING wrong with the valve. This isn't the guy who installed it, so he's got nothing to gain by not fixing it and charging me an arm and a leg. Apparently these valves SHOULD receive periodic maintenance (something nobody told me), and his best guess is that gunk worked its way up into the threads on the cap (around the cap is where it was gushing out). So he cleaned the cap/threads, wrapped the threads in Teflon tape and put it back nice and snug, recommending that I clean it/tighten it every six months or so. Which means I still need to follow up with the HOA and the MUA--the HOA was pretty concerned and wanted all the details. It's happened over the years to several houses in our development.

But now the icing on the cake. This morning, I had the furnace guy come out to make sure the furnace was OK and that I didn't need to have the ducts cleaned or anything. I take him down to the basement, and there is MORE water--this time, not coming from the sewer line (thank God), but from the utility closet where the furnace/hot water heater is. We couldn't figure out where it was coming from--I was starting to worry that it was coming in from outside due to my cracked foundation (a separate disaster). Furnace guy vacuumed up the water with my shop vac, and he FINALLY discovered what happened. When they installed the furnace last year, they ran the humidifier condensate line outside through a PVC pipe, which had frozen, and it was leaking all over the floor. So he had to replace that with a flexible hose running into my utility sink (which I installed only last year, and thank goodness or I would have really been screwed--no other drains down there). When my carpenter friend replaces the damaged drywall (fortunately only a small section), he can hide that line behind the wall.

Oh, and on Monday, I leaned over in my office chair, which snapped in two and dumped me on the floor, requiring a trip out to Staples before the much-ballyhooed snowstorm moved in (we only got about an inch and a half of snow here).
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And you're still sober! Considering all you've been through, I'd say you're an excellent example of working a program. I'd be a basketcase.

I won't mention all the things my kids have flushed down the toilet. I love them dearly, but those moments had me wishing we could afford boarding school.
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Go get yourself a massage or a bowl of ice cream or something. YOU DESERVE IT.

Sheesh. This is why I rent.
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Originally Posted by Florence View Post
This is why I rent.
I cannot tell you how many times over the past 9 years (how long I've owned this place) I wondered WHY I gave up my fantastic apartment on the twelfth floor with a view of the Philadelphia skyline out one whole side of the apartment, and a view of the park with scull rowing out the other (corner unit). It needed new cabinets/appliances (the complex was upgrading as people moved out) but even with the inconvenience of dealing with upgrades and increased rent it would have been less hassle than what I've been dealing with here.

I just got an estimate yesterday for fixing the foundation problem--the structural part, to keep it from sinking, not the repairs to the walls and flooring--and it's $14K. To make the other repairs I'm betting it will be somewhere between $15K and $25K. NONE of it covered by insurance. And I can't even CONSIDER ever selling the place unless I spend that money. And I've spent close to $20K on legal fees already and we haven't even filed a lawsuit (and can't even determine whom, if anyone, to sue).

I doubt I'll ever buy another house. When I leave here I suspect I will find a nice rental somewhere.
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Originally Posted by jarp View Post
I've always been envious of the American basement...
I dunno Jarp, a lot of dodgy things happen in American basements, people murdered, bodies buried, meth cooked, according to movies and telly. Not to mention they don't drain naturally.

We'd better stick to our sheds.
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FeelingGreat.....that is sooo funny!
I am right here is America....close to Washington D.C. (Virginia side).

I have to agree with you, in general. I'm not too fond of stairs to an upper level, either.

I think that a one story house, supplemented by outside buildings is the "ideal".

If we had the wide open space that Australia has..then the land would be cheaper than it is and we could build accordingly.

Oh, well.......


***you don't even want to know what images are sometimes presented to us in the media about Australia...LOL!!
I picture that all the men are like Keith Irvin or Crockodile

(I loved the The Thornbirds).
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I also live in NJ, the most expensive real estate state, land of high car insurance and property taxes....

I have that one story ranch townhome end unit with a wooded view and deck, heated florida room, fireplace, giant living room, 2 baths, 2 bedrooms....I have remodelled practically everything, replaced the windows, gutted both bathrooms and kitchen, new floors

my property taxes are close to 5K but i do not own the property nor do i have a garage. my maintenance fees are $300. a month on top of my mortgage...(which is almost paid off) car insurance is $1,400. a year on NJM, the cheapest.

Lexie, do the neighbors also have this issue? or just you?
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Guys, I live in a nice 1800 sq foot house in the Midwest in a Big Ten town, and if I told you how little I pay in rent, you would die.

The only downside is that it's the Midwest.
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Lexie, I think this is a good time to tell you that I think you are absolutely wonderful. I have had some serious home issues this past year, and the stress was quite awful. For you to be under such stress (and yup, I remember this issue for you before in the basement), and maintain your sobriety is awesome. You are awesome. You give such thoughtful input here and I appreciate you very much.

I am sorry you are going through this, but very happy of your maintained sobriety!

Tight hugs my friend!
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WOW Lexie, I can't believe all that you are going through! ((((hugs))))

Add me to the list of those ready to trade ownership for a nice rental, the JOYS of home ownership are sometimes overwhelming!
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