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Hello all. Im is my story...I am married to an A. He hit rock bottom (so he says) 47 days ago.... he has been sober since then.. is attending classes and such for his problem.. and to be honest the drinking thing seems to be going okay... EXCEPT that he has been having some rough days.. and well he is fighting it all the way.. and I am so proud of him... so after saying that why do I feel so sad, scared, frustrated...... he tells me when he is having a bad day... and well that is what it seems to have been for the last week... i know its his problem, and i know i cant help him fight it.... but i am so damn frustrated.... I hope someone out there understands.... because i sure dont......
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Hi Shortstuff!
Welcome to the recovery forum!

I used to have a cat named Shortstuff. (Owing to his bobtail.) He was quite a character.

Boy are there people here who understand. You've been holding the world together for yourself and an alcoholic, now you're doing the same thing with a recovering alcoholic. The big question is... when do YOU get a break, right?

Are you going to alanon meetings? Do you have any 12 step or other self help literature? They can help you learn what battles to quit trying to fight for him or against him. He's going to be a mess for awhile. It ain't fair.... we know... but you only get a break when you TAKE one.


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You are so right... that is exactly what I keep asking myself.. when do I get a break... I do have a 12 step book... that Im working through. I plan on finding out when the next alanon meeting is where I live very soon... I feel like exploding but Im not sure what I want to explode about.... thanks for responding, its nice to know that there are others who understand what im going thru....thanks.

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Welcome Shortstuff!

Take a breath...just breath. You have a break from the past BS and who knows what the future will bring. Appreciate day at a time. And like Smoke said..a meeting would be great!

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