Saturday Topic: Let Go and Let God

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Saturday Topic: Let Go and Let God

There is a thread over on Naranon about recovery steps and it made me think of this.

Letting Go and Letting God for me is about not tampering with the plan. Who am I to know what is best for another person? I may think I fact there was a time when I knew I knew what was best and it got me here.

We often talk about letting go but there is a second part of that slogan. It is to Let His time not ours. It is about trust and faith. I believe there is a plan for my life with all my heart, so doesn't it make sense that there is a plan for yours? For the Beav? For Ward?

My son has been drinking for a long time and it has gotten him into all sorts of trouble. To lessening degrees I have tampered. I have tried to change the plan and it has only hurt me. It is frustrating and all consuming and it hasn't changed one thing. In fact it has the potential to make it worse.

I have to remind myself that I don't know what is Let Go and Let God.

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Another person? Who am I to know what's best for me? Oh, I have my ideas, mind you. But I am more than sure that God's ideas are the right ones. I am in total agreement that Letting Go and Letting God is about not tampering with the plan. It's a good plan, put in place by a spiritual force who loves me and wants what's best for me.
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Let Go and Let God! What a lifesaver for me. It took me to really getting to my Step 3 to be able to do this....turn my life and my will over to God.

Before that, I would try to "control" even God. My prayers were a "wish list" telling God what I wanted instead of asking Him what he wanted from me. I would pray on Saturday and give God until about Tuesday to do it and then I would take it back again and try it my way. Never worked, not once.

In time I realized that God couldn't take my burdens until I truly let go of them. Learning to trust God, to have faith that His Plan is greater than any I could imagine, and willingly and gratefully giving my life and my burdens to Him is one of the greatest gifts recovery has given me.

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Who am I to know what is best for another person?

That's how I feel exactly. Who am I to say that my H isn't exactly where he's supposed to be? What if there is a plan for him that involves a lesson that must be learned? What if all this time I've just been standing in the way of that lesson?

I really believe that I was put in this situation for a reason. There was something I needed to learn about myself, about life, about other people, about God. Finally, as I get out of the way of the plan, I'm beginning to learn.

I'm not in charge of the universe - what a freeing concept !
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And who is to say that God might want you to intervene?? I believe in God helps those who help themselves. When my husbAND first got sober he waited around for a sign from God. Never got one. I guess the sign was no sign- get off you butt and help you self.
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My shrink said it was pretty arrogant of me to think I know better than God what's best for someone else.

Boy, did that put me in my place real quick!

And as Lorelai said, it was a relief to stop running the universe and let God take over!
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Instead of praying "Dear Lord please take this weight from me....I am not strong enough and you are to carry this burden" I must totally trust and have faith that whatever is to happen WILL happen and as my Mother says "all the worrying doesn't change anything at the end of the day".Everything always works out for the better in the end because God is in the drivers seat....not me!
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Originally Posted by matters
Everything always works out for the better in the end because God is in the drivers seat....not me!
Matters, I'm going to hang onto that statement tonight!

Thank you for saying just the right thing at the right time!

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Thanks Matters - I really needed that reminder.
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HI all,
Let Go and Let God...reminds me of...Live and Let Live! What seems to help me to Let the LIVE part.....Living my Life...! And here is a verse that helps me turn things over and brings me peace...and freedom from the worry and control of the A's in my life.....Be Still and Know I am God...or Stand Still and See the Salvation of God....These solgans and verses help me to slow down, trust, and brings calmness to my heart...... like....Easy Does all the slogans are coming to mind...LOL Practice, practice, practice....! Serenity777
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Let go and let God is pretty simple for me today.

There is one universal spiritual law:
There is a God and I am not it.

I also don't want to be a crisis caller anymore and I hate being nagged. So I firgure there is only one thing left for me to do.

Let God
He's going to be up all night anyway!

I know all this probably sounds pretty flip but seriously I am not taking my walk with a H.P. lightly. For to many years I instructed, pleaded, try to bargain,now today, I know all I have to do is the next best thing put in front of me. Asking only for the strength to carry out His will for me one day at a time.
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Read this on a church marquee - "God did not go on vacation and leave you in charge".
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